Registry Matters 151 comes to you recorded on Halloween, 2020. We deliver very sad news about the challenge in Georgia challenging the placement of signs at the homes of PFRs. It’s very disappointing.

[09:26] – Listener Q1 : The public defender stopped the judge to have me sign the unsigned plea papers. Is that legal? Does it give me grounds for a habeas habeas corpus?

[17:41] – Listener Q2 : Why aren’t we ever satisfied with a victory?

[25:21] – Listener Q3

[33:37] – Decision in Butts County Georgia

Order MSJ 10-27-20 Butts County
Halloween Sign Challenge Suffers Setback


Read the Transcript of RM151: Challenge of Halloween Signs in Georgia DENIED


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1 comment on “RM151: Challenge of Halloween Signs in Georgia DENIED

  1. T&S says:

    Plea deals are pushed by the federal prostituter (yes, intentional) and pubic defenders

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