In RM153, we highlight the process of early termination of probation. How exciting to start getting some of your freedoms back and what the steps are, at least from this persons point of view.

[5:00] – Question from Brian on YouTube

[15:00] – Probation termination

[27:58] – Question from Bernard

[39:08] – Question from Dan

[46:37] – Question from Adam

[53:14] –

[1:00:15] –

[1:05:10] –

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1 comment on “RM153: How To Get Off Probation Early

  1. Anklebiter says:

    Petitioned for mine after 65% completed. Denied. Da assistant opposed it. Said a lot of negative things, even untrue things.( saying I had thousands of pics, when I it was only 300 according to the discovery we saw.) said I was the worst case in the history of the county.(which was untrue and just DA flair). My lawyer did everything you said. Probation rules here is they aren’t allowed to recommend any SO for early release, however he told the judge I was a model Probationary and that I was violation free and have completed all my court ordered mandates. He was very kind. I tried. But hey I made it this far, I’m just happy not to be sitting in a prison, and I’m with my daughter and wife. Love the podcast btw!

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