RM41 - Your situation is not unique

RM41 – Your Situation Is Not Unique

Welcome to Registry Matters Episode 41! Who would believe people would listen to a couple of nuts talk about the registry in such overwhelming numbers! Thank you!
On the docket this week is a patron question about being removed from the registry in Florida; a question from a listener about what happens if a chuck/school pops up within the range of where you live; Civil commitment continues to come up. Spoiler: it is constitutional; Does the US actually spend more on inmates or students; What is the nexus of police misconduct; Judges making their own decisions; Is going to a school to vote a loophole for registrants; Who has the final authority in binding arbitration; SO registry doesn’t improve public safety; and sadly, your situation is not unique

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RM40 – Don’t Hold Back Your Social Media Password

The Registry Matters Podcast moves into episode 40 this week. First up is to self congratulate for reaching > 100 YouTube subscribers. We have a branded YouTube Channel!!! Hooray. https://www.youtube.com/c/RegistryMatters. An article from the Economist posits why support for the death penalty is going up; Failure to report your social media passwords could put you behind bars; The California Bail bill might not be as great as everyone things; New sexual misconduct rules from the feds; Officer who shot 15y/o gets 15 years; Defendants pay to plead guilty in PA; a decision from the 7th circuit court of appeals against the homeless; Criminal justice system in SF waives fees for 21k people; an opinion piece by Lenore Skenazy; Intellectually challenged teen has sentence removed, but still in treatment to reduce recidivism; and podcast interview w/ Emily Horowitz. WOW! All of that content this week. Holy cow.

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RM39 – How Coerced Testimonies Are Like A School Bully

On the Registry Matters Podcast Episode 39: It is a mostly hire formerly incarcerated list of topics. But first there is the story where the police staffer says registrants should be shot; Why you should hire someone who went to prison; Failed background checks in Idaho; Nationwide prison labor strike; California prison volunteer firefighters denied jobs on the outside; Former AG says broad coalition aims to break over-incarceration; California could lead the way in CJ reform; SO registry is mandatory collateral consequences; you’re far more likely to be killed by a police officer than for an officer to be killed; And lastly a major deep dive into a case of coerced testimony in Illinois that has some very surprising language from the court.

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RM38 – How Vigilante Justice Can Make You Sick

In this weeks episode of the Registry Matters Podcast, Larry and Andy discuss the fact that teens are the victims of registerable offenses, but that teens are the ones committing the offenses; The recent Catholic Church abuse scandals will likely not lead to any convictions; Governor of NY, Cuomo, is interested in revisiting statute of limitations; Vigilante group in Colorado; There might be a racial bias in the leveling of registrants; Law Enforcement teams up with multiple agencies for phishing expeditions looking for technical violations. Yet another information packed episode that you don’t want to miss.

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RM37 - Life In Prison Without Due Process

RM37 – Life In Prison Without Due Process

In this weeks show, Larry and Andy take a deep dive into civil commitment. But prior to that, a few comments from people on Twitter have comments about last week’s show. There are articles covering the whole spectrum of issues. Such as: Under what conditions should an 11 year old girl get taser treatment; Why is that more people are locked up for technical violations than new crimes?; Do it make sense to help inmates re-acclimate to post prison life?; Does a prison sentence mean death because you can’t get your insulin. An action packed, exciting episode!

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RM36 – How To Go To The Library and Get Arrested

Episode 36 [3:55] From wcpo – Springfield Township man claims Ohio’s sex offender parole law won’t allow visits with son https://www.wcpo.com/news/insider/springfield-township-man-claims-ohios-sex-offender-parole-law-won-t-allow-visits-with-son [13:45] From Green Bay Press Gazette – Brown County library branches in Denmark, Green Bay trapped by conflicting laws, security concerns https://amp.greenbaypressgazette.com/amp/838883002 [19:24] Supreme Court Sets New Evidentiary Standard in Child Sex Abuse Cases […]

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RM35 – What is the origin of Frightening and High?

The Registry Matters Podcast covers an important topic as to of the origin of “Frightening and High”. The SCOTUS decision of Smith v Doe is cited as such. However, that’s not where it originated. They guys also talk about restoration of voter rights to registrants, people dying in prison due to the high temperatures and judges not forcing people to register after conviction. They also tackle a Patreon supporters question of what can you do if you can’t vote.

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RM33 – What The Experts Are Saying About Interstate Movement

On this episode of the Registry Matters Podcast, we have King Alexander joining us. Mr. Alexander is a Supervising Attorney and Life Without Parole Attorney at the Calcasieu Public Defenders Office in Louisiana. The podcast has discussions about how being homeless turns into a revolving door into the criminal justice system, simply by being homeless. […]

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RM32 – Why Are The Job Numbers Good For Registrants?

Andy and Larry cover a listener situation where a treatment provider is being difficult. The problem is with receiving payments where the patient is making every effort to pay and be compliant with treatment. Why does the law enforcement apparatus use school resource officers during the summer to monitor registrants? Is it wrong for people […]

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