Read the Transcript of RM127: Internet Ban Ruled Unconstitutional In New Jersey

RM127: Internet Ban Ruled Unconstitutional In New Jersey, we talk about a very promising decision in New Jersey relating to those on supervision and using the Internet. It would be surprising if they didn’t appeal it. This is a good decision for our side.











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1 comment on “RM127: Internet Ban Ruled Unconstitutional In New Jersey

  1. Sasha says:

    Unfortunately, NYS law does not believe this. I know many people on parole violated for accessing the internet/social media even when the parole officer knew about it. Two citizens who were going to college, one online and one in person were violated for accessing the internet even though parole gave them permission to attend college knowing that they needed to access the internet to continue studying.
    One of the persons was violated for having preinstalled social media apps on his phone that he could not delete and had no accounts with the social media.
    Once again the system will continue to push what they can get away with.

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