RM267: Adam Walsh Act and International Travel: Debunking Myths

RM267: Adam Walsh Act and International Travel: Debunking Myths

In this episode, we delve into the complex intersection of sex offender registration laws and international travel. Our guest, Larry, seeks advice on his ability to travel internationally as a pilot without providing advance notice to sex offender registration authorities. The initial response suggests that there are no legal barriers to such travel, as the International Megan’s Law does not prohibit it.

However, discussions heat up when the attorney’s opinion comes into play. The attorney argues that Neil, as a Tier I offender, must comply with SORNA’s international travel requirements for 10 years, starting from his probation period. Larry, on the other hand, contests this viewpoint, stating that state laws hold authority over the duration of registration if Neil has connections or residency in Texas.

Further complications arise when the question of Adam Walsh Act requirements and international travel notice is raised. The attorney claims that once the federal duty to register expires, the obligation to provide travel notice also ceases. Larry, however, disagrees, highlighting the absence of a federal registry and asserting that state laws establish the rules. He argues that if a state like Florida requires lifelong registration and advance notice of international travel, federal law should not supersede those state requirements.

Join us as we navigate the intricate landscape of sex offender registration and international travel. We explore the implications of federal and state laws, analyze the attorney’s interpretation, and delve into the complexities of harmonizing these regulations. Listen in to gain a deeper understanding of the legal considerations surrounding sex offender registration and traveling abroad.

[2:28] Convicted in Michigan, PFR faces lifetime registration in Alabama.

[10:20] Listener Feedback Response

[37:02] AWA with Guest Neil from Texas


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