Today’s episode breaks down a developing case in Maryland that is headed for their highest court as well as U.S. District Court Judge gave the Michigan legislature until the end of August to revise the registry. But before that we deep dive into that, we cover Kamala Harris wants defenders to be paid as much as prosecutors; City in California decides to not enforce restrictions in lieu of lawsuits; With the surging economy, formerly incarcerated folks are finding getting jobs easier; Community wants to boycott pizzeria owned by registrant; Arizona prison bans book, ACLU sues; Man held in isolation for over half his life dies; Illinois registry filled with erroneous addresses;

In the main segment, Larry goes into great detail regarding the teen with selfie video for distributing CP (of herself???). And then tackles the late breaking news that the judge giving a time limit on Michigan to deal with their registry. Where do we go from here?











MD Decision: In_Re_SK_Maryland_2018_Porn

Michigan judgement: 055_stip_order_for_decl_judgment_for_90_day_deferral

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