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RM184: Colorado Affirms Internet Ban

What a fantastic show we have tonight! We a listener comment. We have at least three or maybe four questions. We have West Virginia Supreme Court ruling analyzed by...

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RM183: Colorado’s “Irredeemably Depraved” Unconstitutional

Tonight, we have so many things going on. It’s hard to even count! We’ve got listener questions. Unfortunately, I don’t think we have any from behind the walls. We’ve...

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RM182: “F#@! Cheer” is Protected Speech says SCOTUS

On this week’s program, we were joined by Matt, The Outspoken Offender. But due to technical problems, we lost him early in the program and we’ll have him on...

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RM181: Lifetime Placement on Sex Offender Registry Unconstitutional: SC Supreme Court Rules

On tonight’s program, we have a landmark case out of South Carolina that we’re going to talk about dealing with PFRs and the constitutionality of the registry. We have...

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RM180: Understanding The Sentencing Process

We’re going to have a fantastic discussion with some audio clips that were submitted. A letter from a prisoner who wants to talk about Packingham. Our main feature will...

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RM179: It’s About Good Policy – Not Partisanship

On this weeks episode, we’ve got a couple of listener questions. We’ve got something to read from a prisoner who is trying to effectuate change from behind the walls....

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