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RM81: AK High Court Law Requiring All Sex Offenders To Register Unconstitutional

In this somewhat abbreviated episode, which we recorded in our super secret hideaway bunker, we cover the recent Alaska ruling requiring all registrants to register unconstitutional. But before we get there, we talked about people being restricted from libraries, and what it means that FaceBook is a publicly traded, but private company; Florida is at it again forcing registrants from the new(ish) home, but where do they go???; Pittsburgh warns registrants of a phone scam working its way through their ranks; Cuba Gooding Jr accused of sexual misconduct and will try to defend himself from those allegations – he believes the system will treat him fairly; Cop uses SnapChat filter to switch his gender to nab people looking to hookup with a teen girl; We have a clip of Scalia talking about interpreting the law; and of course, this great decision out of Alaska regarding requiring all registrants to register as unconstitutional.

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RM80: Live from the 2019 NARSOL Conference in Houston, Texas

We recorded in front of a huge studio audience at the NARSOL conference in Houston, Texas.  It was a bit impromptu. But even with that, we had a much larger than expected number of people come join us.

We talked about our initial impressions of the conference. We then moved into a few articles. We discussed things with the audience. And finally we had our weekly Scalia clip regarding the constitutionality of the death penalty. There may, or may not, be a conversation about shower heads.

It was really a very special time. We can’t thank you enough for your continued support. It is humbles us beyond words.

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RM79: Chemical Castration Bill Awaits Alabama Governor’s Pen

We have a jam packed program tonight. We have some listener questions, a question from a patreon supporter, late breaking news from Alabama regarding chemical castration; Wisconsin will charge a 10 year old as an adult; California raises the threshold for law enforcement’s use of force; Wear your pants saggy could be a death sentence;…

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RM78: Teen Girl Texted Herself to Her Friends, Charged w CP

Today’s episode breaks down a developing case in Maryland that is headed for their highest court as well as U.S. District Court Judge gave the Michigan legislature until the end of August to revise the registry. But before that we deep dive into that, we cover Kamala Harris wants defenders to be paid as much…

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RM77: MA High Court Rules to Release Registrant

This weeks episode dives into a decision out of Massachusetts that is poised to release a man convicted over 40 years ago, and has since been civilly committed. This is a fascinating legal read and Larry gives us the run down. We begin however with the important news items related to the registry starting with…

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RM76: Social Media Ban Upheld by 8th Circuit for Supervised Release + Guy’s Cats

We were joined by Guy Hamilton Smith on this episode of Registry Matters! Guy brings an incredibly insightful point of view about the policies surrounding the registry.  We cover a listener question about being coerced into taking a polygraph – can you refuse and what would happen if you did so; A man with terminal…

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RM75: Registry Is The Cause Of Death Of Man In Kentucky

In this Diamond edition of Registry Matters, we tackle two listener questions and have a theatrical reading; Shocker: no evidence supporting the efficacy of the registry; Presidential politicians suggest giving all citizens the right to vote – even ones that we don’t like; Alabama prisons are not safe for anyone: staff or inmates; Kentucky teen…

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RM74: Lacy vs Butts 5th Amendment Self Incrimination

This is episode 74 of Registry Matters. Larry and Andy are joined by John from Vermont who is joining the pair to broaden our horizons; A proposed bill in congress is pondering if they should make college more accessible to those incarcerated; Baltimore prosecutors are determined to convict someone where evidence strongly suggests otherwise; 23…

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RM73: Hospitality Industry Required To Announce Occupants

In this weeks episode, Larry and Andy discuss the challenges of youth and sharing images, damned if you do, damned if you don’t; Sheriffs office in Green, NC has a mine resistant APC added to their equipment; New top prosecutor in Provo, UT has a different idea about prosecuting; New Brooklyn DA will not automatically…

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RM72: Pennsylvania High Court To Review SORNA, Again

On The Registry Matters Podcast this week we cover a study that finds adolescents are having sex before age 13; 2020 candidates propose allowing incarcerated people to vote; Candidate in Australia says spending $8M bucks on a registry, but there are “gotchas”; FOSTA-SESTA laws have paved the way for extreme alternatives; A  deep dive opinion…

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