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RM104: I Got My Rights Because I’m A Police Officer

Read the transcript of RM104: I Got My Rights Because I’m A Police Officer We are happy to bring you this post Thanksgiving episode of Registry Matters. We were thankful to be joined by a bunch of people during the live stream too. I’m thankful for that 🙂 We tried to keep it a bit…

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RM103: State vs Morger – Illinois Social Media Ban Ruled Unconstitutional

Registry Matters 103 is in the house. RM103: State vs Morger – Illinois Social Media Ban Ruled Unconstitutional. We have an incredibly good decision for our side from the State of Illinois that ruled that a probationer cannot be totally banned from the Internet; it must be narrowly tailored. This decision is great news for those on the registry and their ability to use the Internet.

In New Jersey, the text says “offense free”, not “sex offense free” to be removed from registry requirements; Mom is topless in her home may have to register as a sex offender; State of Illinois versus Conrad Morger – While on probation, a total ban on the Internet is ruled unconstitutional; Detainees in San Francisco jails are held for years with no natural light and other shameful conditions; Utah is piloting a program to afford those incarcerated with a college education; Online child abuse is an incredibly hard problem to solve and a patchwork of laws doesn’t make it any easier; Therapist had an inappropriate relationship with a patient; Inmates cost significantly more money as they age, a batch of articles covers death behind bars and a myriad of problems that go with it; West Virginia inmates that wish to read will be charged by the minute for the books on their tablets;

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RM102: Acquitted Of A Crime, Still Serve Time

With just a little over a week before Thanksgiving and the start of the crazy holiday shopping season, here is Registry Matters 102. Larry gives us a rundown of the NACDL conference in Las Vegas representing NARSOL.; Graph of how SCOTUS Justices have voted – just wanted Larry to offer some ideas; Schumer wants better…

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RM101: USA v Murphy – Second Circuit Interstate Travel for Sex

We are proud to release Episode 101 of Registry Matters. We being by covering a listener comment in Louisiana regarding the fees associated with being a registrant; The 2nd Circuit overturns the conviction of a man who traveled across state lines – tons of twists and turns in this one; When prosecution has multiple bites at the apple, defendants rarely succeed; Vigilante justice continues; Plea bargains may be a constitutional violation; Voters asked for progressive prosecutors – but there is push-back from legislators; Texas prisons feel if you can’t handle 100 degree prisons…pfft; Panhandlers in Arkansas fight for freedom of speech and how this bolsters registrants 1st Amendment claims; Record expungement in Michigan approved by house; Georgia is poised to execute man convicted in the 90s while refusing DNA testing; Finally we cover interpreting state statutes on registering before travel, and while traveling to another state.

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RM100: Larry-isms Galore

We official bring in our century episode! 100 Episodes is amazing in podcast land. We tried to keep it a little light as we did a round of patting ourselves on the back. We received a pretty big flurry of congrats messages from people via voicemail, and email. A couple people put together some pretty high production level congrats messages. Thank you so very much to everyone that contributed!!!! We are joined by Ashley Cloud, who is the staff attorney for LJC in New Mexico.

The breaking news is the we won the challenge Georgia regarding putting signs in the yards of registrants; We move over to an article from New Orleans where a teen beat up a registrant simply because of that fact – and this might be a hate crime; A fantastic article from Boston Review shooting holes all over the idea that there is any notion of stranger danger; Ashley and Larry go into detail about the lawsuit that was recently files in New Mexico;

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RM99: Pennsylvania Superior Court Rules Internet Publication Violates Ex Post Facto

The penultimate episode before 100 of Registry Matters is here! A jam packed episode of fun and excitement. We have a breaking news segment from the Georgia Halloween sign lawsuit and also Pennsylvania Superior Court rules internet publication violates ex post facto clause. We have a wide range of articles starting with a man held in solitary for 22 months had no vehicle to receive compensation; A short conversation about the ethics of facial recognition systems in schools; Local sheriffs using social media to solve crimes; A woman in Oregon is forced to reveal smartphone passcode for law enforcement; Formerly incarcerated woman is running for legislature in Washington state; Garbage article on “kids safety” for Halloween; Sarasota County Sheriff goes to great lengths to entrap people for underage sex; Phoenix Arizona fires officer who pulled a gun on the parents of a child who stole a doll; Illegal sentences rules unconstitutional by Colorado Supreme Court; Police use $2 test, that is terribly flawed, to arrest people; People on parole/probation leads to poverty

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RM98: Watching Porn In Your Car is a Bad Idea

Episode 100 – 2 (or 98 for those arithmetically inclined), we received a bunch of listener questions to tackle – always great to engage with listener challenges. A question from Jeff in Kentucky about pocket parks and being forced to move versus grandfather clause; Dave is asking for clarity in Wisconsin where another advocacy group…

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RM97: Touching Someone’s Arm is a Sex Crime

I’m pleased to announce Episode 97 of Registry Matters. We begin with a quick update of the civil commitment hearing for Galen Baughman. It isn’t great news, sadly. Then an update on the Georgia Halloween challenge. A listener phones in a question asking if it’s better to tell an employer, or keep it hidden. Court…

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RM96: Bait & Switch Sex Stings

Welcome to Episode 96 of Registry Matters. We begin with an update on the civil commitment case involving Galen Baughman in Virginia; Sheriff’s sex sting operation is a bait and switch operation; The Internet and private messaging is fueling sharing of photos and videos of children; The Kansas Court of Appeals says that it is…

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RM95: Outlandish and Ridiculous Changes

This was our second in a row on location recording at the secret underground bunker. We begin with a report out of Nebraska where bunch of registrants and families testified as to the destruction of the registry; We’re still confused, but a woman brings her kids to the home of a registrant, and she gets house arrest???; Confrontation and memory challenges – does it meet the 8th amendment?; Gulf War Veteran gets a life sentence for selling $30 of weed; Law enforcement protects the team image at the expense of civil liberties; Georgia Governor wants 4% budget cuts including cuts to the public defenders office; Kik is shutting down after 9 years and many reports of child sexual abuse cases; A child with autism is labeled a sexual predator by school administration; Inmate loses court challenge to change SVP designation; Mandatory minimum sentences allows law enforcement to hide misconduct; Police are the problem, that’s why they can’t solve it

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