RM32 – Why Are The Job Numbers Good For Registrants?

Andy and Larry cover a listener situation where a treatment provider is being difficult. The problem is with receiving payments where the patient is making every effort to pay and be compliant with treatment. Why does the law enforcement apparatus use school resource officers during the summer to monitor registrants? Is it wrong for people to impersonate law enforcement to extort money from registrants? Why was the entire law enforcement apparatus represented in regards to a civil regulatory scheme in reforming the SOR? Is drawing a 1st Amendment right, or is it a thought crime? The rates of sexual offenses continues to fall, but the number of registrants goes up. 40 year sentence is deemed excessive by a conservative judge, given the current administration, are we surprised? The months jobs numbers are good, and this is good news for registrants.

12:20 https://www.wfmynews2.com/article/news/local/from-school-safety-to-neighborhood-safety-sros-help-track-sex-offenders/83-571024687

21:15 https://www.pressherald.com/2018/07/03/sheriff-warns-of-scam-against-sex-offenders/

25:40 https://www.law.com/ctlawtribune/2018/06/28/lawmakers-missed-an-opportunity-to-reform-sex-offender-registry/

37:32 https://articles.mlive.com/news/grand-rapids/index.ssf/2018/07/mans_prison-made_drawings_of_c.amp

42:40 https://theappeal.org/why-sex-offender-registries-keep-growing-even-as-sexual-violence-rates-fall/

48:40 https://www.washingtonpost.com/local/public-safety/judge-laments-40-year-sentence-for-meth-dealer-as-excessive-and-wrong/2018/07/02/f1319b4c-7bd0-11e8-93cc-6d3beccdd7a3_story.html

56:17 https://www.theguardian.com/business/2018/jul/06/us-jobs-june-unemployment-trade-war

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Episode 31 – Interview with Nick Dubin

Andy and Larry interview Nick Dubin. Nicolas (Nick) Dubin was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder in 2004. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications from Oakland University, a Master’s Degree in Learning Disabilities from the University of Detroit Mercy, and a Specialist Degree in Psychology and Doctor of Psychology from the Michigan School of Professional Psychology. He has authored many books on autism spectrum disorders including ‘Asperger Syndrome and Anxiety’. He is dedicated to helping those individuals on the autism spectrum receive due process and justice within the criminal justice system.

A tip to pass along from Mr Anonymous, who is a patron over at Patreon.com/registrymatters. Mr Anonymous has a suggestion:  If you have changes to specifically things on the Internet, email, passwords, social media, etc. That registrants type (or write) out their changes, if there are any, and have the registry police sign, date, and copy your paper and return to registrants the original. That way, if there is any discrepancy in what you have, versus what you think you have, then you have the evidence to support that you told officer schmoe about your change.

A Tweet from Steven Yoder: The federal govt is now encouraging people to use the national sex off registry to shop for a home. Never mind the many govt-funded studies about the fallacy of proximity in sex crimes.

Automatic sealing nears enactment in Pennsylvania – http://ccresourcecenter.org/2018/06/25/automatic-sealing-nears-enactment-in-pennsylvania/

Trump Calls for Depriving Immigrants Who Illegally Cross Border of Due Process Rights – https://www.nytimes.com/2018/06/24/us/politics/trump-immigration-judges-due-process.html

President Trump on Sunday explicitly advocated for depriving undocumented immigrants of their due-process rights – https://www.washingtonpost.com/powerpost/trump-advocates-depriving-undocumented-immigrants-of-due-process-rights/2018/06/24/dfa45d36-77bd-11e8-93cc-6d3beccdd7a3_story.html

Illinois Wants to Launch a Huge Get-Out-the-Vote Campaign—In Jails – https://www.motherjones.com/crime-justice/2018/06/illinois-wants-to-launch-a-huge-get-out-the-vote-campaign-in-jails/

G.O.P. Blockade of Obama Nominee Pays Off in Rulings – https://www.nytimes.com/2018/06/26/us/politics/travel-ban-donald-trump.html

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Episode 30 – Who Really Uses 5000 Foot Banishments

Larry and Andy talk about:

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Voicemail from William

Voicemail from Buzz

Quick discussion about social security benefits as it relates to being incarcerated







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Episode 29 – Testimony, Judges and LEO Oh My!

Larry and Andy talk about a hodgepodge of subjects. After coincidentally running into each other on the Interstate, we sat down to record a rare face to face episode.

How formal do you need to be while giving testimony?
Will monitoring panels be implemented in the wake of the Judge Persky recall?
Should judges be coerced to give harsh sentences because of public opinion?
We will be fighting these battles at the state level, not the federal level. We can have success by just showing up, versus losing by default for not being represented.


Episode 27 – Interview w Mike of The Registry Report

Joining us tonight is Michael – He is the published author of several non-fiction books, a writer/researcher for NARSOL, and the executive editor of The Registry Report. He also assists NARSOL in marketing, social media, and podcasting.

Comment from listener Will:
If legislating a specifically targeted group into chronic homelessness and unemployment does NOT constitute cruel and unusual punishment, then the 8th Amendment needs to be stricken from the Constitution because there’s nothing that would shock the conscience of the public. I’d say the same thing about denying registrants safe shelter equal to that of the “respectable law-abiding public”. If telling registrants “You’re on your own. Come to my shelter and you’ll be arrested and taken to jail!” is not cruel and unusual punishment, then there’s no longer any such thing as cruel and unusual punishment. Telling registrants they can ride out the storm in the local jail is a slap in the face. Besides that, what if the jail is in range of the storm surge? What then? Is it “Oh well! Too bad, so sad for you!”

  • https://amp.tallahassee.com/amp/638627002
  • https://www.nbcnews.com/politics/politics-news/inmates-who-learn-trades-are-often-blocked-jobs-now-something-n877666
  • https://www.yahoo.com/news/nj-supreme-court-bars-retroactive-080711231.html

10 (more or less) Questions to ask an attorney you’re going to hire to represent you

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“The most satisfying thing in life is to have been able to give a large part of one’s self to others.” – Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

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Episode 26 – How Lea Bickerton Is Helping Registrants

We are graciously joined by Lea Bickerton. Who is a practicing attorney in the Pittsburgh, Western Pennsylvania area @ Bickerton & Bickerton Attorneys at Law. While doing research for tonight, I discovered that you’re a multiple-time recipient of the Rising Stars award from Super Laywers.com. We’re very fortunate to have you joining us tonight 🙂
@bickertonlaw on Twitter https://twitter.com/bickertonlaw

Our favorite nemisis and his scorched Earth policy

Episode 25 – Why GPS Monitoring Should Be 1 of the 7 Deadly Sins

Episode 25 – Why GPS Monitoring Should Be 1 of the 7 Deadly Sins

Larry and Andy talk about the weeks issues and listener questions and comments.

Why GPS monitoring should be 1 of the 7 deadly sins
A malfunction in the charging could land you in jail
No access to power? Could land you in jail.
Poor cell signal? Could result in being detained while proof is obtained
You could spend a week or more in jail for an unspecified violation
Spending time in jail, you could lose your job which can lead to loss of housing
The GPS.gov website sites a 16’ radius of accuracy in best conditions

“You can’t be an important and life-changing presence to some people without also being a joke and an embarrassment to others.”
-Mark Manso

Episode 24 – Distorted and Misleading Numbers

Larry and Andy talk about:
The extremely complex residency restrictions that law enforcement have to deal with.
Inmates in Florida being put in solitary confinement for not working.
Hotels on fire, can you fire someone for being on the registry.
How to make sure you don’t rent a hotel room next to a registrant.
People up in arms about a group home in their neighborhood.
Expungement of misdemeanor offenses, eyewitness testimony is unreliable.
And last but not least – Ron Book is so angry!

“You can’t always choose the path you walk in life, but you can always choose the manner in which you walk it.” ~ John O’Leary


“You can’t always choose the path you walk in life, but you can always choose the manner in which you walk it.” ~ John O’Leary

Recorded 2018/05/12

Episode 23 – Acquitted But Guilty Anyway

Episode 23

We have a guest joining us tonight. Joshua B Hoe. Josh is the co-host of the podcast Decarceration Nation which is a podcast about radically changing the way America does criminal justice. He’s recently interviewed gubernatorial candidates in Michigan and book authors on CJ reform. Josh is also a published author. And hard charging his Bars2Ballots campaign.


From NorthJersy.com: Bill Cosby verdict sends ‘strong message’ to victims, NJ experts say

Judge O’Neill allowed for five other accusers to testify as prior bad act witnesses during the retrial, explained Levy. Although prior bad acts are generally not admissible, there are exceptions, he said. “None of these prior bad acts were proven in court,” said Levy. “That’s going to be on this issue of appeal.”


From Criminal Legal News: The Sex Offender Registry: It’s Not What You Think
Sandi, a board member of NARSOL provides a lot of information about the misinformation of what the registry is. Including 40% on the registry committed their crimes as juveniles, for things like ‘mooning’ or ‘playing doctor’. She also presents evidence that 70% of those on the registry would be considered the lowest level of risk followed by 20% fo moderate risk and only 10% would be considered the highest risk.


From Maine Public.com – Maine Towns Allowed To Ban Sex Offenders From Parks, Fields
A new law allows municipalities to prohibit sex offenders from coming within 750 feet of such property. Officials in Madawaska had argued that state law only allowed municipalities to ban such individuals who come near property leased to nonprofits.

From Missourinet.com – Missouri Supreme Court hears case on prosecutor who targeted letter writers in sexual assault case
The National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers and the Missouri Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers joined together to submit a Friend of the Court document in support of the Chief Disciplinary Counsel’s proposal to impose sanctions on Prosecutor Zahnd.

From The PBS Newshour – Missouri public defenders are overloaded with hundreds of cases while defendants wait in jail. The Sixth Amendment to the Constitution guarantees every American facing trial the right to a lawyer, even if they cannot afford one. But across the country, the public defender system is being stretched to the breaking point, and Missouri may be ground zero.

From ProPublica.org – Baltimore to Pay Largest Settlement in City History – $9 Million – to Man Wrongfully Convicted of Murder.  James Owens, who was featured in a ProPublica investigation last year, sued police detectives for the alleged misconduct that landed him in prison for 21 years. Prosecutors had tried to make him take a controversial plea deal.

Homeless Sex Offenders Are Getting Kicked Out Of Their South Florida Encampment. Now What?
Homeless sex offenders living in tents outside Hialeah say they have nowhere to go

From Appellate Squawk – The Court of Appeals believes the victim (even when the jury doesn’t)
In a 6-1 opinion, with only the redoubtable Judge Rivera dissenting, the Court upheld the lower court decision putting the defendant on the internet Sex Offender Registry for the rest of his life based on acquitted charges.