RM100: Larry-isms Galore

RM100: Larry-isms Galore

We officially bring in our 100th episode! 100 Episodes is amazing in podcast land. We tried to keep it a little light as we did a round of patting ourselves on the back. We received a pretty big flurry of congrats messages from people via voicemail, and email. A couple people put together some pretty high production level congrats messages. Thank you so very much to everyone that contributed!!!! We are joined by Ashley Cloud, who is the staff attorney for LJC in New Mexico.

The breaking news is the we won the challenge Georgia regarding putting signs in the yards of registrants; We move over to an article from New Orleans where a teen beat up a registrant simply because of that fact – and this might be a hate crime; A fantastic article from Boston Review shooting holes all over the idea that there is any notion of stranger danger; Ashley and Larry go into detail about the lawsuit that was recently files in New Mexico;

[11:50] https://www.nola.com/news/crime_police/article_8b0b2784-f744-11e9-9e16-4370b10664e3.html

[24:41] http://bostonreview.net/law-justice/christine-hume-halloween-and-stranger-danger

[41:35] New Mexico files their first lawsuit

[1:07:50] https://www.wpr.org/lawmakers-consider-pay-bump-wisconsin-public-defenders

[1:20:30] https://theappeal.org/the-appeal-podcast-when-police-officers-double-as-prosecutors/

[1:32:10] Sheriff Long loses in Butts County Georgia Halloween sign challenge. Here’s the deep dive

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