Read Transcript of RM142: Willman vs US Attorney General (6th Circuit)

Larry gives us a dose of bad news this week in this case from Michigan. There is a faction of people that think we should make a full scale assault on the registry. Point by point attack every little thing. Listen to the show to find out, if you don’t already know, how it went.



[54:36] Listener questions from behind the walls

[57:22] Another short one in the RM podcast folder about permission to marry

[1:01:27] Can Wisconsin impose GPS monitoring on me

[1:06:06] From Tom regarding his Ring Doorbell

[1:09:09] Voicemail from Super Patron Mike

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2 comments on “RM142: Willman vs US Attorney General (6th Circuit)

  1. P J says:

    While y’all are bringing in Politics…Do keep in mind that Joe Biden sponsored the Adam Walsh Act.

    1. andy says:

      Not sure how accurate your claim is, here is the bill and biden isn’t listed on co-sponsors
      It does look like a bunch of republicans. Out of 37 co-sponsors, I counted like 30 republicans on this list

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