RM182: “F#@! Cheer” is Protected Speech says SCOTUS

On this week’s program, we were joined by Matt, The Outspoken Offender. But due to technical problems, we lost him early in the program and we’ll have him on next week. We also have a Supreme Court of The United States decision that helps explain free speech as it applies to those impacted by the registry. We also have several listener questions both written, and voicemail.

[0:40] Introducing Matt, The Outspoken Offender

[6:26] Comic https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/408420712521662466/857813087939199006/Pearls_Before_Swine_by_Stephan_Pastis_for_June_23__2021_-_GoComics.jpg

[7:00] Comments on Chauvin and the sentence he received

[13:02] Question from Brent about the federal system and bail

[18:57] Brian asked a question about Louisiana and marking drivers licences; what is the status?

[22:52] Couldn’t the spouses and children of PFRs file a class action lawsuit?

[27:53] Traveling on a cruise ship

[34:04] 20 day advance notice of temporary domicile

[39:05] Packing the court

[45:16] Does the “Caretaker Doctrine” apply to putting Halloween signs in PFRs yards?

[50:03] Mahanoy Area School District v. B.L.
20210416115032164_Mahanoy – Reply Brief for Petitioner.pdf (supremecourt.gov)

[1:03:04] What happens in the process of a probation revocation hearing


Read the Transcript of RM182: “F#@! Cheer” is Protected Speech says SCOTUS

Transcript of RM182: “F#@! Cheer” is Protected Speech says SCOTUS


RM182: “F#@! Cheer” is Protected Speech says SCOTUS

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