RM187: 2011 Michigan SORA: Retroactive Application Deemed Unconstitutional

On the program tonight, we’ve got a big case out of Michigan. This is an awesome victory for “People Forced to Register”. Michigan Supreme Court was asked to decide whether the retroactive application of Michigan’s sex offender registration act, or SORA, as amended by 2011 PA 17 and 18, the 2011 SORA, violate state and federal constitutional prohibitions on ex post facto laws.

[1:52] Voicemail from Shane about H2038 and terminating probation

[11:15] Mailing questions with prison jargon is hard to read

[14:14] State of Michigan v. Paul Betts

[50:32] https://www.themarshallproject.org/2021/07/29/a-filthy-new-orleans-jail-made-my-son-sick-the-cruel-and-unusual-medical-treatment-at-angola-prison-killed-him

[53:39] https://www.natlawreview.com/article/restoring-voting-rights-individuals-criminal-records-and-need-to-inform-them-their

[55:41] Who’s That Speaker

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3 thoughts on “RM187: 2011 Michigan SORA: Retroactive Application Deemed Unconstitutional

  1. I cannot view the transcript. When I try, I get the “404” error message. I can only see the “Table of Contents” Today is August 3 and it should be available. Thanks. Am I doing something wrong?

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