RM207: 11 Questions Regarding New SORNA / AWA Regulations

RM207: 11 Questions Regarding New SORNA / AWA Regulations

On this weeks episode of Registry Matters, we’re gonna have an awesome program tonight for a Christmas gift to our listeners. We’re going to have some questions that came from our listeners in writing; And we’re going to talk about the case in Georgia, which was argued yesterday in the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals in Atlanta; And we’re gonna be going back to the Adam Walsh Act and talking about question that’s just continue to to flood the social media platforms. It is just on fire with people talking about it. So if it’s on fire, we figured we might have to go back and try to answer some of the questions that are coming up.

[3:34] Suggestions for a question from RM203 about an inmate who is scared to be in general population

[9:40] Reader submission regarding Internet usage and being on supervised release

[15:33] “Is my case similar to the one covered in the NARSOL Digest?”

[22:18] Why you shouldn’t talk to the police

[26:57] Update to the Georgia Halloween sign case from the lead attorney

[32:27] Delays in being leveled because of one resignation? Sounds fishy

[35:56] It’s SORNA / AWA all the way down


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