RM231: Seventh Circuit Affirms Post Supervision Lifetime GPS in Wisconsin

Here’s episode 231, recorded on July 2, 2022. We cover a case called May versus Shinn. This is a very sad case from Arizona, involving burden shifting. May and his family are friends of the movement. We also cover a case from the 7th Circuit that affirms GPS monitoring for people no longer under supervision. They said it’s “OK”.

[13:33] May vs Shinn

[34:37] Braam, Antrim, Olszewski v Carr



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One thought on “RM231: Seventh Circuit Affirms Post Supervision Lifetime GPS in Wisconsin

  1. I have a question…Braam is quoted as saying he pays $240/month for his GPS. And i’m pretty sure that’s the going rate here in the badger state. Why is that not an issue? Isn’t that a punitive amount to pay?

    Thanks, as always, for the excellent service you provide!

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