RM253:Chemical Castration Doesn't Work but Earns Politicians Votes

RM253: Chemical Castration: Doesn’t Work But Earns Politicians Votes

This podcast focus on the latest attempt to enact Chemical Castration legislation for PFRs. The latest attempt, House Bill 128, comes out of New Mexico. If passed, New Mexico would become the 9th state to have some form of legislation related to chemical castration and registered sex offenders, or PFRs.

Representatives Stefani Lord, who co-sponsored the bill, made the typical and false claims about high recidivism rates. She also makes claims about what the bill that contradict current New Mexico sentencing and release guidelines.

The bill is so poorly written that it has little chance of being passed because it contains several unconstitutional provisions. For example, it’s not constitutional to force people to undergo such a procedure, especially when they receive nothing in return. In addition, the bill proposes to create a new felony offense for failing to undergo the treatment, which would be a technical violation. Finally, the bill would require the court to determine when the treatment is no longer necessary but gives the court no guidelines on how to make that determination.

We also discuss the legislative process in New Mexico, the steps necessary for a bill to get a floor vote, and what can be done to keep it from getting “out of committee.”

Because this bill is nearly identical to Alabama’s law about chemical castration and sex offenders, we believe an unnamed organization is behind these bills, sending them to lawmakers in nearly every state. So we might see more of these bills introduced nationwide.

A listener asks about passport markings, and unfortunately, we do not have a clear answer. The guidelines for whether the marking will be added to a new passport when someone has timed out of Megan’s Law are not readily available.


[02:20] Listener question about passports after timing out from Megan’s Law.

[10:22] Overview of the New Mexico legislation, House Bill 128.

[23:00] Possible strategies to kill the bill.

[37:35] The legislative process in New Mexico.

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The Registry Matters Podcast’s mission is to cover issues surrounding the Registry. We cover cases that will peel back the veneer of what we need to do to change our lives for the better. We cover news articles that spark conversations about the total insanity of this modern day witch hunt. This podcast will call out bad policy and call out those that are making bad policy.

To change things for the positive, we need to act. We are 6-7-8-900k strong. With that many people, plus their friends and family, over a million people are affected by the registry. We should be able to secure donations to hire lawyers and lobbyists to move the agenda in our favor. We need our people to be represented.

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