RM254: Clueless in Missouri: Unclear Law Leaves PFRs on Registry

RM254: Clueless in Missouri: Unclear Law Keeps PFRs On Registry

Because of an unclear statute in Missouri’s law, two PFRs who were eligible to get off the registry are now required to register for life. We explore the case of Brock Smith and Gary Nelson Ford, and why Missouri’s Supreme Court concluded that even though Missouri law was unclear, they would defer to the legislative intent. Except the legislative intent is unclear.

Iowa is proposing a law that would require PFRs to register for life even if they are no longer required to do so. We dig deeper into that law. It calls for the creation of a fourth tier, with minimal restriction requirements, probably to avoid constitutional Ex Post Facto Clause issues. However, we feel the minimal restrictions will become harsher.

Both of these cases highlight why PFRs should remain active in the fight against the registry. Just because a registrant is currently off the registry, legislatures and courts can find ways to put you back on, if they so choose.

Travel out of the country is a reoccuring question, and we try to answer one listener’s question about moving traveling out of the US after being off supervision. Unfortunately, much of the information available is anecdotal. PFRs off supervision will be granted the right to leave in most cases, but we cannot with certainty say whether the country they wish to travel to will let them in.


[02:20] Listener question about overseas travel after supervision has ended.

[12:10] Update on the New Mexico legislation, House Bill 128.

[20:00] Missouri Supreme Court denies PFRs petition to be removed from the registry.

[42:54] Discussion of Iowa HF 77, which attempts to put PFRs back onto the registry.

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The Registry Matters Podcast’s mission is to cover issues surrounding the Registry. We cover cases that will peel back the veneer of what we need to do to change our lives for the better. We cover news articles that spark conversations about the total insanity of this modern day witch hunt. This podcast will call out bad policy and call out those that are making bad policy.

To change things for the positive, we need to act. We are 6-7-8-900k strong. With that many people, plus their friends and family, over a million people are affected by the registry. We should be able to secure donations to hire lawyers and lobbyists to move the agenda in our favor. We need our people to be represented.

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