RM256: Don't Fall for the Scam: Law Enforcement Doesn't Call Before an Arrest

RM256: Don’t Fall for the Scam: Law Enforcement Doesn’t Call Before an Arrest

Many people on the sex offender registry have received a scam phone call from someone claiming they work for law enforcement. These calls typically allege an arrest warrant is out for the PFRs arrest due to some violation of registry rules. And scammers are more sophisticated, creating realistic call back numbers and using the lingo of law enforcement.

We cover a scam that occurred to one of our patrons, describe it in detail, and discuss how these scammers have become more sophisticated. This particular scam included a QR code along with instructions for printing a “verified receipt.” Unfortunately, even after notified of the scam, law enforcement rarely investigates such scams.

Bottom line, however, is that law enforcement does not call in advance to warn you. If they want to arrest you, they will show up.

Our program also analyzes several clips from a recent Intelligence Squared debate between Dr. Emily Horowitz and Cary Federman. Although Mr. Federman’s comments show that he is clueless and makes false claims about the registry. Although Dr. Horowitz held her own, she fell into the low recidivism trap. Although low recidivism is an accurate argument, it is not a winning one unfortunately.

A listener’s question about the recent case in Missouri leads to a discussion about the importance and intricacies of lobbying.

Finally, we discuss another tragic case of an inmate dying in custody in Jasper, Alabama. When he arrived at the hospital, his temperature was 72 degrees. Once again, another inmate dies while under the “care” of prison officials.


[04:00] Clips of Senator Lindsey Graham questioning a nominee for the district court in California.

[15:52] Inmate freezes to death in Alabama jail.

[22:00] How to lobby for changes in a law.

[35:00] Latest scam out of Georgia.

[46:30] Dr. Emily Horowitz debate on Intelligence Squared podcast.

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The Registry Matters Podcast’s mission is to cover issues surrounding the Registry. We cover cases that will peel back the veneer of what we need to do to change our lives for the better. We cover news articles that spark conversations about the total insanity of this modern day witch hunt. This podcast will call out bad policy and call out those that are making bad policy.

To change things for the positive, we need to act. We are 6-7-8-900k strong. With that many people, plus their friends and family, over a million people are affected by the registry. We should be able to secure donations to hire lawyers and lobbyists to move the agenda in our favor. We need our people to be represented.

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