RM259: Federal Judge Blocks Expanded Residency Restrictions in Rhode Island

RM259: Federal Judge Blocks Expanded Residency Restrictions in Rhode Island

We devote much of the show to good news out of Rhode Island, where a federal judge ruled that residency restrictions that were applied retroactively are unconstitutional. The Rhode Island law would have required tier-three PFRs to move out of the expanded residency zone, even if they owned a home within it.

The judge saw many problems with the law, including that the law was vague, and that the state hadn’t even clearly defined what was meant by a school. Since the law created confusion about what is meant by a school and its property, an ordinary citizen would not know whether they were breaking the law.

Although there is a likelihood the state’s attorney will appeal the motion, it is an important decision, not just for Rhode Island residents. A negative ruling would have the potential to spread to other states.

A listener’s question about GPS monitoring led to a discussion about the expenses that PFRs are burdened with. The listener has spent nearly 13,000 dollars on monitoring and wanted to know if any of that money would be refunded if the law were found unconstitututional. The answer is most likely no.

We also discussed recent wins in New Mexico and the legislative process and what does and does not work when trying to persuade lawmakers and touched on the death of a PFR that happened recently in Michigan.


[03:15] Listener question about GPS monitoring in Wisconsin.

[15:52] Why data doesn’t always get you what you want.

[22:00] Legislative victories in New Mexico.

[32:04] Rhode Island Judicial Decision.

[1:01:33] Discussion of a story out of Michigan in which a PFR was killed with a moose antler.

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