RM261: Police Stings--Preying on Human Emotions Works

RM261: Police Stings–Preying on Human Emotions Works

Police stings, where officers go into adult chat rooms and pretend to be an under-aged person, continue to be an important topic. A member of CAGE (Citizens Against Government Entrapment) is our guest. We cover a range of topics, including sentencing guidelines, constitutional issues, and are police stings entrapment if law enforcement is pretending to be a minor on an adult website.

Sentencing guidelines in both states and the federal system are complicated by several factors. First, the federal government takes jurisdiction in internet-based crimes, and federal punishments are often more severe than state punishments. Second, each state has its own statutes, so it is difficult to compare the harshness of sentencing.

However, the fact that in some cases a person convicted from a sting operation will serve more time than a hands-on crime does not seem fair.

And why do these stings work? Why do men continue to communicate with an individual who after a series of exchanges claims to be underage? Well, law enforcement knows how to play these men so that it becomes more difficult to say no. Ultimately, it is the responsibility of the adult to say no, but they often don’t because they have convinced themselves the person claiming to be under-aged is interested in role-playing games.

It is also frustrating that although law enforcement is creating a crime where none would have otherwise happened, claims of entrapment are very difficult to prove in the courts.

An upcoming episode will further answer the question of are police stings entrapment.

Most of episode 261 is about police stings, but we do answer several listener’s questions about plea deals, how long a person can be held without bail, and if the judicial system would collapse if no one took a plea.


[03:40] Listener question about the length of time you can be held without a trial.

[10:59] Would the system crash if everyone refused a plea bargain?

[18:55] Question about federal statute and residency restrictions.

[26:38] Discussion about police tactics in online stings to entice men to solicit minors.

[1:05:34] Decision to explore this topic and Georgia’s legislative decisions that move the state backwards on criminal justice.

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