RM279: Free Speech vs. Public Safety: The Halloween Sign Lawsuit

RM279: Free Speech vs. Public Safety: The Halloween Sign Lawsuit

A federal lawsuit has been filed in Missouri challenging a state law that mandates registered sex offenders to display a sign on their front door on Halloween. The plaintiff, Thomas J. Sanderson, argues that this requirement violates his First Amendment rights by compelling him to engage in false and political speech. The lawsuit seeks to halt the enforcement of this sign requirement. The organization ACSOL is involved in the case, and similar challenges to Halloween sign requirements have been successful in California. The plaintiff and his family fear that the sign will put them at risk, a concern recognized in a previous California case where a court found such requirements unconstitutional and endangering to registrants and their families. An application for a temporary restraining order will be filed in this Missouri case soon.

[1:18] The conversation between Andy and Larry revolves around the deposition of the Speaker of the House. They discuss the rarity of such removals, the deal made by McCarthy to become Speaker, the reasons behind McCarthy’s ousting, and its potential similarity to events in Tennessee or Kentucky. They also touch upon the short-term government budget and the uncertainty at the end of November, as well as the possibility of federal employee paychecks being affected. Lastly, they consider whether the situation should be of concern to Public Financial Representatives (PFRs).

[11:53] We discussed controversial recommendations in Washington state to remove community notifications for released sex offenders. Larry clarified that the uproar was due to a misunderstanding: it was the Model Penal Code, not the Washington State Sex Offender Policy Board, suggesting this change. Although Washington is known for its liberal leanings, sympathy for PFRs (Persons Found Responsible) is limited. The SOPB doesn’t intend to support the proposal, and due to strong backing for community notification on the board, such changes are unlikely to pass legislative scrutiny

[16:47] Jace Hambrick, initially convicted in a child sex sting, was recently acquitted after five years. Responding to an ad on Craigslist, Hambrick engaged in a conversation with an undercover detective who posed as a 13-year-old girl. His convictions, based on a bench trial, were later appealed due to violations of his right to a jury trial and insufficient evidence. A new jury trial found him not guilty, emphasizing issues with the investigation and Hambrick’s clean record. The case highlighted concerns about the conduct of online predator stings and their outcomes, marking a significant turn of events for Hambrick after years of legal battles.

[30:39] https://all4consolaws.org/2023/10/mo-federal-lawsuit-challenges-missouri-halloween-sign-requirement/

[46:27] Teens are being extorted for sharing pictures of their junk

[52:43] Florida has implemented new laws, including a controversial change to its death penalty provisions, allowing child rapists who victimize children under 12 to face execution. However, higher courts have previously ruled such sentences as unconstitutional under the 8th Amendment. Governor Ron DeSantis signed the law, claiming it targets the “worst of the worst” serial offenders, despite bipartisan support. Critics, including Maria DeLiberato from Floridians for Alternatives to the Death Penalty, argue that while child sexual battery is abhorrent, it’s crucial to consider the Supreme Court’s stance and the complex dynamics involved in cases where children know their abusers, potentially leading to family divisions on the issue.


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