RM34 – Rory Fleming

Today’s episode has Larry and Andy joined by Rory Fleming. He is an advocate for registry reform and the criminal justice reform movement in general. It was great to have him on.

6:10 – Then we moved on to discussing the work that Rory does, and his philosophy of criminal justice reform.

59:56 – We answered a patreon supporters question about how he is supposed to stay compliant as an over the road truck driver where one state has registration after 48 hours, whereas another might be 7 or 10 days. Depending on the state you were registered in to start, you might have notification obligations when you leave the state for X number of days.

1:17:00 – Making the Case Against Banishing Sex Offenders: https://www.texasobserver.org/sex-offenders-law-change-molnar/

1:24:30 – Has Plea Bargaining Pushed the Sixth Amendment Right to Trial to the Brink of Extinction? A New Report Says Yes http://witnessla.com/plea-bargaining-has-pushed-the-sixth-amendment-right-to-trial-to-the-edge-of-extinction-says-a-new-report/

1:31:40 – From The Intercept: Tennessee Plans to Restart Executions by Killing a Man With Mental Illness: https://theintercept.com/2018/07/15/death-penalty-mental-illness/

1:37:00 – From the York News Times: Sex offender residency restriction dropped by council: https://www.yorknewstimes.com/news/sex-offender-residency-restriction-dropped-by-council/article_8e55ce2c-8c19-11e8-93c3-afe4f5684bcd.html

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One thought on “RM34 – Rory Fleming

  1. Some registrants refused to plea and were found guilty. I am in that subset.
    They just do not need evidence to convict, accusations are enough. So yea, trials are almost extinct.

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