RM36 – How To Go To The Library and Get Arrested

Episode 36

[3:55] From wcpo – Springfield Township man claims Ohio’s sex offender parole law won’t allow visits with son

[13:45] From Green Bay Press Gazette – Brown County library branches in Denmark, Green Bay trapped by conflicting laws, security concerns

[19:24] Supreme Court Sets New Evidentiary Standard in Child Sex Abuse Cases https://www.law.com/njlawjournal/2018/08/01/supreme-court-sets-new-evidentiary-standard-in-child-sex-abuse-cases/

[36:40] More Ex-Prisoners Can Vote — They Just Don’t Know It

[47:09] Wisconsin Supreme Court Holds Lifetime GPS Monitoring IS NOT Punishment

[1:17:00] On Twitter, Lenore Skenazy posted:
Megan’s Law gave us the public Sex Offender Registry. But research shows it isn’t making kids safer. In fact: Most crimes against kids are by people NOT on the registry, and most registrants don’t re-offend.

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3 thoughts on “RM36 – How To Go To The Library and Get Arrested

  1. On voter suppression via felony conviction @36:40

    Yes republicans are very much interested in suppressing votes that elect democrats and visa versa. Databases are a tool used by both parties to consolidate and mobilize their respective members. But are databases also used to target and discredit opponents or potential opponents and votes? YES! (See Lois Lerner)

  2. On SORNA & Recidivism,

    Larry is correct in that recidivism rates as a statutory concern is unconstitutional. The reasoning lies in the purpose of the Ex post prohibition itself, a regulatory restraint upon congress. The restraint had several logical justifications, most of which fall under two admirable categories: EFFICACY AND EFFICIENCY.

  3. Andy & Larry,


    This is a link to a piece describing how murders are not being solved, nor are the perps identified. Perhaps if states spent less on tracking sex offenders via SOR and more on solving murders the trend wouldn’t be manifesting. The people opted for imagined security instead of actual secuity. Hence they reap what they sow.

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