RM44: Why Your Delusionality Never Works Out the Way You Plan

Larry and Andy talk about investigating cases three decades after the alleged event; In Texas, Persons who have finished their sentence are sucked back into the registry after dozens of years; Civil commitment patents released by doctors, and victims advocates haven’t had enough; Man alleged to have kidnapped a woman, gets probation and no registry; Can you believe it: People with sex crime convictions get prison; Is James Madison rolling over in his grave?; Vigilante justice to the rescue!; Americans have now tarnished SCOTUS too; Why isn’t Maryland investigating the SCOTUS nominee?

[23:45] For some sex offenders, their deal with the state wasn’t really a deal

[31:30] Mass. juries, psychologists regularly clear sex offenders deemed no longer dangerous, record show

[35:35] News Alert from NARSOL

[37:00] Man accused of kidnapping woman and masturbating on her is given ‘one pass,’ won’t go to prison

[43:20] Analysis: Most sex crime convictions lead to prison sentences

[50:15] America Is Living James Madison’s Nightmare

[59:40] Hendersonville in TN man targets sex offenders in shooting rampage Where is this?

[1:05:45] The Supreme Court was America’s least damaged institution — until now

[1:11:40] Why Maryland police aren’t investigating the Kavanaugh allegations

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6 thoughts on “RM44: Why Your Delusionality Never Works Out the Way You Plan

  1. Larry,

    What threshold will have to be crossed before the sex offender registry is overturned on 8th Amendment grounds? How many registrants will have to be harassed, have their property vandalized, be shot at or outright murdered before the courts uniformly recognize that the registry makes registered citizens vulnerable to murderous vigilante violence which goes far, far beyond any punishment ever envisioned by the courts? At what point does the vigilantism become cruel and unusual punishment? I’d really like for you to address this more on a future podcast.

    • As Brad Pitt declared in his movie ‘FURY’: ‘more people have to die (stigmatized, ostracized, evicted, harassed, property destroyed, assaulted, robbed and left for dead, and left dead- the words within these parentheses are mine) and when enough have died, then the war will end.” The law (laws)of ‘Sex Offender Registry’ will change, but at what cost? The average Amercian citizen knows nothing about this great persecution (war) on certain Americans, convicted of or alleged to have committed an unlaw sex act. They are clueless (i.e. ignorant to the political environment of the state and federal laws, until they themselves, unfortunately, break one and then it is too late), as to what our Federal and State Congresses has legislated into law and how it sanctions stigmatization that gives way to vigilantism. The question is, who created this aura/atmosphere of vigilantism? Why of course, our Congress our U.S. Supreme Court and our Law Enforcement Agencies all across America. If one goes to each states Sheriffs ‘SOR’ website, you will find their disclaimer (‘exonerating’ themselves from being held culpable civilly or criminally for any crime committed against any person on this Registry, because they carry out the Registry law in ‘GOOD FAITH’). A consumer product has more rights than those on this federal and state ‘SOR’s. That indeed is a sad day in America and for the world- the world always copies the US. What most Americans do not consider or pause to masticate, the future implication and effect of these convoluted and nefarious ‘registries Laws’ will have on all the world. We obviously (or is it deliberate) do not remember WWII with Germany’s Adolf Hitler and his Nazi Party. He began his program of liquidation through the German federal and state courts. A few German citizens were able to affect Germany’s Courts. How could one affect a massive legal upheaval in such a short period? Simple! Target the least undesirables: Criminals. Then you begin to create a caste of criminals from the least to the most terrible. In America, it’s the ‘Sex Offender.’ The world knows what happened in Germany then. But, I fear the highly volatile and controversial subject matter involving ‘Sex’ crimes and the Sex Offender Registry’ will find no empathy from Congress, US Courts or Law Enforcement agencies. Who will be the Government’s next target; Christians, Jews, ethnicity or whoever they deem unfit? Please America: Remember Germany!

  2. I’m really sorry to see NARSOL get political. THE NC NAACP has a similar problem, in order to do the “Good Work” they rely on donations. But, if one is dumb enough to whiz on the shoes of half of the potential donor base, then politics is coming before the “Good Works”, which is a sin in my book.

    • We all may not agree with all the other volunteers at NARSOL (and Registry Matters), but surely we understand that they have their own political points of view, and the God-given right to speak on those views?

      We have a cause in common and even though Andy and especially Larry lean to a different political side than I do, I support them because we’re on the same side of this issue.

      “Misery acquaints a man with strange bedfellows” -W.S.

  3. A lot of these internet set-ups or encounters are evily induced by the operator in this suductive snare or trap that overshadows. These wicked operators that craft these things are going a bit above their supreme author and devine principal endowed by the creator .. in other words the creator is man’s justice as aposed to the divine. Man trips people up weather on adult chat sites or teenage chat sites out of self pride in the area of internet sex sting operations.. Are we all guilty until proven innocent. I wonder if a person with a potty mouth is guilty sure they are. I could mention a president with a potty mouth also but we won’t go there. So how does one prove. Well one has to attempt before you can prove, so inducing one into a plea deal is shaky grounds for any government. I wonder how the Commandments fit in all this debauchery in this perverted justice in America of man device.

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