RM43: The Insider’s Guide to Judicial Activism

Today’s episode will leave you completely informed on does a presidential nominee have a background check done by the FBI, or CIA, etc; What is the current state of the SCOTUS nominee Kavanaugh, does he have the right to confront his accuser; is he held to a higher standard; Autopsies done on prisoners reveal that about 9% of deaths were preventable deaths; We circle back around to the Nebraska case to talk about judicial philosophy; side story about how your handlers treat you; Florduh decision requiring Internet identifiers

[6:00] SCOTUS nominee status

[27:00] Lack of surgical care in U.S. prisons may cost lives – https://www.reuters.com/article/us-health-prison-surgery/lack-of-surgical-care-in-us-prisons-may-cost-lives-idUSKCN1LS2KN

[31:00] Reboot of the Nebraska decision – https://journalstar.com/news/local/911/federal-judge-orders-state-patrol-to-maintain-status-quo-keep/article_1d070b41-1085-5948-b062-f4e93d3b2804.html

[53:30] Decision in Internet Identifier Case – https://floridaactioncommittee.org/disappointing-decision-in-internet-identifier-case/

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4 thoughts on “RM43: The Insider’s Guide to Judicial Activism

  1. The issue with Kavanaugh shouldn’t be that these incidents may had happened. The issue should be that he may be currently lying to the American people about them. Right wingers who continue to point out that “this is what boys do.”, or “what happened in his youth is irrelevant now”, are effectively deflecting the conversation away from the real question; Is he telling the truth?

    It is not enough to just stall the process until after the midterms, the new Congress will not take over until January.The only intention here is to have the nomination withdrawn, or denied. Either way, the Republicans have shot themselves in the foot. If they force it through, they get a backlash from female voters everywhere. If they deny to confirm, they get a backlash from Trump’s base. Knowing that, it might be better for America if something is decided before the midterms, because there is no way the process is going to be stalled until January, unless Kavanaugh withdraws.

    I would also like to remind people that Bill Clinton was not impeached by the House for having sexual relations with Monica Lewinsky. He was impeached for lying to the American people about it, and he wasn’t even under oath when he when lied: “I did not have sexual relations with that woman.” Ken Starr’s whole case was built around proving that Clinton lied.

    • I agree with you – I think one point to make here as well, is if “we the people” are burning up our senators phones saying if you confirm this justice, you will loose your seat then they’ll reconsider….maybe.

  2. Guess I don’t understand how someone can accuse another and then put the burden of proof on the accused. I thought we were a nation of “innocent until proven guilty” and in this case none of these stories have had anyone provide proof that these acts happened. If this goes thru then anyone can just go to an attorney and make a claim that another person did something to them, even if it’s not true. Why is it that no one has come forward with evidence that these acts happened. Another question not asked by the panel yesterday of Dr. Ford was why did she pull down her antics on Facebook showing how far left she really is, what was she afraid of? If the Judge did all these things then why were there not evidence found in the previous FBI background checks? I don’t believe any of these things happened.

    • That’s is sort of the whole point. There isn’t evidence. Which would go to why the FBI investigations didn’t turn up anything.
      We aren’t a nation of innocent until proven guilty any more, so it would seem. If you are accused, you have to defend yourself.

      You’re saying that she’s made up everything?

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