RM42 – What the World Would Be Like If Confrontation Clauses Didn’t Exist

This week brings us to Episode 42 of the podcast. We are deeply humbled receiving yet another patron, Tim! Thank you to all of our patrons for supporting the show.

Does NARSOL get credit for the shelters being open during the hurricane in the Carolinas? Press release here: https://narsol.org/2018/09/narsol-to-north-carolina-open-emergency-shelters-to-all/

We delve into the weeks news and comments with some good news, but also some bad. You’ve made it to the big screen – Oh wait, your past gets your scene removed from the movie; “I forgot” to tell you about my social media accounts – in jail on $50k bond; We have a mindset of cruelty  when considering our criminal justice system and we need to rethink it; Is there actually benefits to being on social media – like being social?; A case of NIMBY in Wisconsin; Washington state has vigilantes trying to publish their on registry lists; NJ Congresswoman has a list of things to fixing the US prison problem – Liberal doogooders!; It might be a great time to get a job as a formerly incarcerated; Can you please give me my confrontation clause; Convicted of certain crimes, no SNAP benefits for you; Don’t assume that you’re approved to go to a school event; Nebraska is confused when registering juveniles.

[11:45] Fox Deletes Scene From ‘The Predator’ With Registered Sex Offender

[15:00] Instagram and Snapchat accounts land sex offender in jail

[20:15] America must face and fix its unjust prison system

[31:30] Should registered sex offenders be banned from social media?

[35:30] Hartland residents want to ban sex offenders from living near their kids

[43:40] Kelso man plans to publish names of Cowlitz level 1 sex offenders

[49:25] Opinion – N.J. Congresswoman: 10 things we need to do to fix U.S. prison problem

[55:40] Low unemployment means a criminal record is less of a hurdle

[59:30] Doe V Baum

[1:08:30] Sex offender who visited Decatur school sentenced to 24 months’ probation

[1:11:30] Federal judge orders State Patrol to maintain status quo, keep juveniles off state’s sex offender registry

[1:23:30] Opinion piece: Formerly incarcerated Americans face tough odds. The farm bill could make them even tougher.

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One thought on “RM42 – What the World Would Be Like If Confrontation Clauses Didn’t Exist

  1. As a patreon, my comments:

    Lol, who wants blue balls?

    We, sex offenders, registered citizens, can not get over these past offenses, it seems. Yes, we are winning some court cases but as we do, even more laws are created regardless if they are legal or not and rely on court cases to defeat them.

    I, among others, have violated my “restrictions’. That offense, which is legal for people off the registry, added 6 years to me being a registered citizen. Has anyone successfully fought against an imposed restriction?

    America does everything perfectly? NOT. For one example (among many) ,there’s still live shells in Cambodia killing people, even though the US wasn’t supposed to be in Cambodia (we dropped our unused ordinance there on the way back from killing uninvolved citizens.

    Social media: I have no desire for the gossip. The only reason I might want social media is see what lies are spread against me and retaliate.

    Hartland: 9000 residents, 30 registered citizens = 0.3%. Waaaah. Exactly, kids are everywhere. If one wants to find kids, residency requirements do nothing. I’m ashamed of humanity as it has evolved. My tyrant officer usually only asks me 2 questions: any negative contact with law enforcement, I say yes, you. And any contact with kids, yes I went to Walmart and other places in public. He hates my answers.

    Kelso man: these vigilantes only enforce and entice the public to commit crimes. If, and some have been convicted, they commit crimes, they will learn. level I offenders are the least likely to offend. I await until someone confronts me.
    NJ prison pop: “Here in New Jersey we saw our prison population increase by 278 percent between 1975 and 2015.” Duh… the ignorant people supported it (I was one of them convicted). Who is this NJ congresswoman not referenced (as far as I could see)? Why the government doesn’t want felons to vote?… because they know we will vote against the laws that support their paycheck. ALL citizens should be able to vote!

    Low employment rate: I’ve always said a person on parole or probation is the best candidate because they can’t drink, drug, or violate any laws. Yet, a “sex offender” is a danger to society no matter their skills or education. I’m unemployed (not receiving any compensation from anyone) and will try again in 6 months/a year or so. I do believe companies can’t find qualified employees; I don’t believe they will succumb to supporting sex offenders, yes, I know from experience).

    Doe vs Baum: yes there is a term, due process and innocent until proven guilty. OK, 2 terms.

    Sex offender who visited Decatur: I would have welcomed 2 yrs probation if it was only that, yet I got 1 yr probation (lol, on top of my “as if on parole” (NJ)), but my violation added 6 years to my registration for a “felony crime” that non-registrants are allowed to do crime free.

    Federal judge orders State Patrol to maintain status quo: Juveniles are ignorant of the law, as I and you were. “He negotiated a plea…” Or was he threatened with other crimes and many more years in prison? it’s not “fun” to talk about as you two said. It was another tyrant trying to “protect the children” with their ridiculous and unsubstantiated laws. NBG needs money to reduce the deficit. I hate this country but can’t get out… deport me somewhere please NBG.

    States vs Fed: I’m torn with what I believe. I’ve always believed Fed laws trump State laws but not you make me doubt it.

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