RM74: Lacy vs Butts 5th Amendment Self Incrimination

This is episode 74 of Registry Matters. Larry and Andy are joined by John from Vermont who is joining the pair to broaden our horizons; A proposed bill in congress is pondering if they should make college more accessible to those incarcerated; Baltimore prosecutors are determined to convict someone where evidence strongly suggests otherwise; 23 states harshly punish minors for sexting; Cities using chalk to mark tires in violation of 4th Amendment; To keep from revealing techniques and tools, prosecutors drop charges instead; Executive in Jamestown NY preventing registrants from voting against governors executive order; Chicago opens housing to those with arrest records, but excludes some (guess who?); 7th Circuit decision regarding polygraphs and self incrimination is great news – repeat: great news – for our cause

[4:10] https://whyy.org/npr_story_post/congress-considers-making-college-more-accessible-to-people-in-prison/

[8:30] https://theintercept.com/2019/04/21/baltimore-police-keith-davis-jr-prosecution/

[14:10] https://kfgo.com/news/articles/2019/apr/16/in-some-states-sexting-could-land-teens-in-jail-for-a-long-time/

[20:30] https://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/chalking-tires-enforce-parking-rules-unconstitutional-court-finds-n997326

[24:00] https://reason.com/2019/04/24/the-feds-are-dropping-child-porn-cases-instead-of-revealing-info-on-their-surveillance-systems/

[30:00] http://www.wrfalp.com/despite-executive-order-jamestown-public-schools-will-turn-away-registered-sex-offenders-during-budget-vote-and-school-board-election/

[32:20] http://www.chicagotribune.com/news/local/politics/ct-met-housing-ordinance-arrest-record-20190425-story.html

[36:48] https://www.theindianalawyer.com/articles/50120-th-circuit-rules-doc-sex-offender-program-violates-constitution

[50:30] In depth conversation about the strategies and techniques of how to be effective at advocacy work

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One thought on “RM74: Lacy vs Butts 5th Amendment Self Incrimination

  1. How does this apply to DHS-TDF civil commitment
    cases. This men are being held for years with no hope of ever being released even with treatment
    Ref: Rushville Treatment & Detention center
    17019 County Farm Rd.
    Rushville, IL 62681

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