RM76: Social Media Ban Upheld by 8th Circuit for Supervised Release + Guy's Cats

RM76: Social Media Ban Upheld by 8th Circuit for Supervised Release + Guy’s Cats

We were joined by Guy Hamilton Smith on this episode of Registry Matters! Guy brings an incredibly insightful point of view about the policies surrounding the registry.  We cover a listener question about being coerced into taking a polygraph – can you refuse and what would happen if you did so; A man with terminal cancer won’t die soon enough to receive compassionate relief; Of course we need a new registry – Michigan proposes a child abuse registry; Inmates in Alabama are shackled to buckets for days to eliminate contraband; Legislation by Lauren Book in Florida would create a registry for those who pay for sex; Senators in Arizona stop bill giving more rights to sex abuse victims;

[17:39] https://reason.com/2019/05/03/a-terminally-ill-wheelchair-bound-inmate-applied-for-compassionate-release-the-justice-department-argued-he-wasnt-dying-fast-enough-to-qualify/

[23:30] https://wsbt.com/news/local/wyatts-law-battle-creek-senator-sponsors-child-abuse-registry-bill

[30:29] https://truthout.org/articles/people-in-alabama-prisons-are-shackled-to-buckets-for-days-on-end/

[39:19] https://filtermag.org/2019/05/07/florida-legislators-database-track-people-soliciting-paid-sex/

[45:56] https://www.azmirror.com/2019/05/07/sex-registry-bill-defeated-as-senators-protest-failure-to-expand-rights-for-sex-abuse-victims/

[1:00:19] https://www.washingtonpost.com/nation/2019/05/09/acting-his-own-attorney-philly-man-is-acquitted-murder-after-nearly-years-prison/?utm_term=.06043d8a987b

[1:07:00] https://fox13now.com/2019/05/07/logan-man-dies-from-beating-after-being-accused-of-sexual-assault-on-a-cvtd-bus/

[1:12:39] https://sentencing.typepad.com/sentencing_law_and_policy/2019/05/split-eighth-circuit-panel-explores-lifetime-supervised-release-conditions-for-child-porn-offender-.html

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3 thoughts on “RM76: Social Media Ban Upheld by 8th Circuit for Supervised Release + Guy’s Cats

  1. Is there a possibility of getting a transcript of the podcast? I was excited to see the email stating I could read the full article by clicking on a link. I have some deficits that interfere with listening comprehension.

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