This was our second in a row on location recording at the secret underground bunker. We begin with a report out of Nebraska where bunch of registrants and families testified as to the destruction of the registry; We’re still confused, but a woman brings her kids to the home of a registrant, and she gets house arrest???; Confrontation and memory challenges – does it meet the 8th amendment?; Gulf War Veteran gets a life sentence for selling $30 of weed; Law enforcement protects the team image at the expense of civil liberties; Georgia Governor wants 4% budget cuts including cuts to the public defenders office; Kik is shutting down after 9 years and many reports of child sexual abuse cases; A child with autism is labeled a sexual predator by school administration; Inmate loses court challenge to change SVP designation; Mandatory minimum sentences allows law enforcement to hide misconduct; Police are the problem, that’s why they can’t solve it













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