Episode 16 – Interview w Brenda Jones

Episode 16

From the LA Times: Eight reasons for America’s shameful number of wrongful convictions
Most cops and prosecutors are hard-working and honest professionals. But some have ulterior motives. Some have a tainted view of innocence and guilt. False confessions coming from endless hours of interrogations. 25% of individuals exonerated later by DNA had given false confessions after the pressure of interrogations. Flawed eyewitness testimony

Oklahoma says it will begin using nitrogen for all executions in an unprecedented move

From The Marshall Project: Let’s Put an End to Prosecutorial Immunity
According to Taylor v. Kavanagh, based upon Supreme Court law, “The falsification of evidence and the coercion of witnesses…have been held to be prosecutorial activities for which absolute immunity applies. Similarly, because a prosecutor is acting as an advocate in a judicial proceeding, the solicitation and subornation of perjured testimony, the withholding of evidence, or the introduction of illegally-seized evidence at trial does not create liability in damages.”

From the Washington Post: Alabama sheriff buys vacation homes with money designated for inmate meals
How can a sheriff making a 5 figure income afford multiple houses, one of which costs ¾ of a million dollars? But ethics disclosure forms Entrekin filed with the state reveal that over the past three years he has received more than $750,000 worth of additional “compensation” from a source he identified as “Food Provisions.”

From Criminal Legal News: Unjust Sexual Offense Laws: Insanity and Hope
The public perception of those who have committed sexual offenses is pretty horrible. There seems to only be evidence suggesting a low rate of recidivism. Advocates: are they trained professionals? Highly paid?

From WPXI:

Email from Patty:

I appreciate your podcast I have a question about the registry. I’m in Ohio. Next to some of the names it says “Pre AWA” which I know is The Adam Walsh Act. But why is “Pre AWA” put on there?  Thanks. Keep up the good work.

4 thoughts on “Episode 16 – Interview w Brenda Jones

  1. Andy, Larry, and Brenda was listening to the podcast last night and while it was very nice to hear Brenda and Larry describe some of the issues and even how Brenda got involved in all this and the ordeals of looking up laws and trying to come up with logic and reasoning to all this sex offender hoopla I just want to say we need a lot more involved in this issue as it is becoming a movement not just a sex offender issue but a civil rights matter. You know we all try to hold true to logic in all this and reasoning but this is just much as a biblical issue or a devilish temptational opportunity that mankind has presented to the people. You can call it a conspiracy or whatever but it is more like a pale horse rider or a grim reaper type of encounter.

  2. I have 2.5 questions.

    1) How is it that in some states the registry is considered “punishment” (Michigan?) and in other states it is simply a “public service”? I’m thinking of the ex post facto registry requirements for SO’s who have completed their sentences.

    2) The 80+ towns throughout Minnesota that have enacted their own extra-judicial city requirements, beyond that of the residency limitations in place already through the state. Could you talk about that?

    2.5) Does Larry offer advice to lawyers in particular states fighting a registry law?

  3. Whats so sad about NARSOL-is that it continues to throw pedophiles under the bus to gain points with the public to end SO Reg laws.

    There will never be freedom for anybody until children are allowed to have their right to human sexual interactions with whom they please.

    As Cesar Chavez once famously said about rights-one group cant ask for their rights while denying others their rights.

    SO Registration is not about just Ped’s-All sex laws are of a religious nature where instead of REAL MORALS the moral litmus test is how self-restrictive can a person be of sexual freedom. REAL Morals are whether a person lies, cheats, steals, kills, and other real moral issues–not who they chose for a sexual mate or what age that person may be.-that involves SEXUAL ORIENTATION.

    But continue on your blind intolerance just like the homosexual community threw ped’s under the bus to become sanitized and accepted to the public to combat their outsider status-but don’t call it moral or just-and expect to keep fighting the anti-sex religious establishment for the rest of your lives..It will never end until children have the same sex rights as adults.

    You know good and well you did NOT like sexual oppression you experienced as children-but you stand ready to do the same harm to todays kids to get your desired goal steeping over the dead and imprisoned bodies of countless thousands to do so.

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