Episode 17 – Real Criminal Justice Reform

Episode 17

From The Intercept: Philadelphia DA Larry Krasner Promised a Criminal Justice Revolution. He’s Exceeding Expectations.
From time to time, transformation leaders take office. They show everyone else exactly what can be done and how to do it. That’s Larry Krasner right now – and he’s showing the nation how to dismantle mass incarceration from the inside out.

From The West Virginia Record: Supreme Court says restricting internet access while on parole violates First Amendment
Ross did 27 years in prison starting in 1987. Ross’s release on parole was subject to numerous conditions and, because he was registered as a sex offender, he was prohibited from possessing or having contact with any computer, electronic device, communication device or any device which is enabled with internet access. Bur Ross’ girlfriend has a computer, and a cell phone which both have the evil Internet. There’s no evidence he ever accessed, and they are reportedly password protected. There was no forensics done.
My understanding is that the circuit court released him. Then the state appealed it. They lost the appeal at the WV Supreme Court.
Had they left it alone, they could have continued their existing ways.

From The Washington Post: An unexplained groping loophole in Minnesota law is about to be closed
There was a carve out for touching butts because a coach might pat a player as a ‘good game’ kind of thing?

From The Washington Post: Appeals court considers ‘how long is too long’ in challenge to Guantanamo detention

From The Marshall Project: Caring for My Sick Husband From Prison
A federal inmate feels helpless as her partner’s health deteriorates.

From CNN: Craigslist shuts down its personals section
On Friday they shut down their section of the site that allows people seeking encounters with strangers. The move comes two days after the Senate approved of bipartisan legislation called the Stop Enabling Sex Traffickers Act. Craigslist is making this change so that they are not held liable for content their users upload.

From The Daily Journal Online: Money is the enemy of truth
This is an opinion piece. Elderly men, who are no longer dangerous, remain banished from society and families to spend their remaining few years in the Department of Mental Health. Dr. Joseph Plaud, Ph.D., noted expert in sexual recidivism, testified, “Age is the single, potent, dynamic, risk factor, short of death, that we have right now in the prediction to reoffend. So few men in the sixties, even those with histories of multiple sex offenses, reoffend as to make the recidivism rate of this group of men approach zero statistically.”

Saddles commented on our episode with Brenda Jones, episode 16:
Andy, Larry, and Brenda was listening to the podcast last night. While it was very nice to hear Brenda and Larry describe some of the issues, and even how Brenda got involved in all this. Also the ordeals of looking up laws and trying to come up with logic and reasoning to all this sex offender hoopla.  I just want to say we need a lot more involved in this issue as it is becoming a movement, not just a sex offender issue, but a civil rights matter.

9 thoughts on “Episode 17 – Real Criminal Justice Reform

  1. I have a question, I am going thru cancer surgery and will lose the ability to have sex any longer, is there something that can be done in the court, to help me be removed from the registry.

  2. “From The Daily Journal Online: Money is the enemy of truth”, the Governor of Minnesota, Dayton, is rather spineless. No offense. He’d rather leave those in MSOP “out of sight, out of mind”, than actually deal with the issue of due process and respect the original sentences. MSOP is basically Guantanamo for US Citizens.

    There is a big push to stop SO’s from grouping up in large urban areas, while at the same time it’s extraordinarily difficult to find a place to live in rural area (80+ communities have made it impossible).

  3. I feel that there are some people out there that are using the SOR to harass those on them and cause their Families alot of undue pain and suffering. In Michigan I believe that there are some CPS workers using information from some that know someone is on this list to remove Children from their homes not caring that the parents are good people who were in the wrong place at the wrong time and ended up on the SOR. I believe that by removing Children from Loving Homes can cause more Mental Problems for some Children than they need to have and it is going to Cause these Children to be in Therapy for many years to come.

  4. the problem as I see it and have experienced it first hand the politicans use the word “Sex offender to drive their political ambitions, whether they are up for re-election, or just trying for the first time try to bolster their campaign on the backs of those charged for a sex crime, we need to start challenging these phony cronies for this “labeling” the gay rights activists did it, the media they do the same thing in an interview with a spokesman for the metoo movement talking about sexual harassment in the work place and in the US Congress the spokes lady made clear she was not compareing the men who use their position to harass or these Legislators she was not compareing them to ( ready) Sex-offenders she would not ever do that she stated!!!!.

  5. If they’re saying sex offenders have a mental illness then why are they allowed to put their names on a registry for the whole world to see. I thought there was a hippa law to protect a persons health issues? There is no rhyme nor reason to any of this sex offender registry crap.

  6. Ok Andy you and Fred now play nice and no more FU stuff or should I stick my finger up and say verbal abuse or pointing abuse & call the cops. I don’t know what makes sense today sticking a finger up at a cop for a speeding ticket or someone rousing one up with this sex offender game. Was listening to Carter on one of the late night programs and the host asked him about Trump, sure they were a few jokes but Carter didn’t have to much to say about Trump, but said we need to get human rights back in shape even this sex witch hunt.
    We just had an article about the Justice Department and the abuse going on there. Actually your podcast made a lot of sense about due process with these encounters. When human law goes above authority someone suffers and when that happens we all suffer. Would one look at this by defrauding by human nature or a comspircy as one PO mentioned to me. And yes he did bring up comspircy to me. Conspiring against another in an internet sex sting for public safety now thats a switch. I guess cops do have mind bending ways to induce one’s free will. A lot of this is force inducement & the devil is pretty good at that Breaking down one’s will is a very low form of any justice. Remember only you can make a difference actually if police read the bible they can make a difference.

  7. Hey guys. Loving the podcasts.

    I just wanted to leave some feedback to let you guys know I’m listening. Hope you have good listener numbers.

    I get excited when I find a new podcast is uploaded. the idea of guest speakers is nice. Thank you Brenda.(my mom’s name is brenda)

    Andy, I know tech can be a pain you are doing a good job.

    • Hey,
      I’m not sure I can suggest good ideas. I think I may have too many assumptions on too many topics. But ill give it a try! In no order.

      Guest speakers.
      I would be interested in hearing from any guest speaker whom is associated with any advocacy group. Whatever role or title they have. Or guest speakers from the higher courts or even a SCOTUS. I’m not good with names, but there have been several judges understanding of the situation as a whole.
      But I think there’s a written rule of conduct that members of the bar shouldn’t cuss? So cussing maybe a deterrent.
      Ask guest speakers for suggestions on who else might like to take part in a podcast. Lawyers know clients whom maybe willing to share an experience.

      Make playback faster instead of cutting out the deadspace.
      When editing, If you need to cut back time use playback at 1.25 speed. You can trim off a lot of time(25%) and it still sounds fine. Gotta be faster for you too. When a caller asks a question with a lot of umms and uhhs or has a long built up to their question(larry calls this a life story).
      15 seconds off 1 minute.
      1 minute off 4 minutes.
      I think the program audacity can do this. Its free.

      Larry’s computer connectivity.
      Hi Larry. Not much I can say without sitting at the computer. Give it a fresh reboot before doing the conference calls. And if any family members are using internet video like Netflix, YouTube, Amazon video, etc that will affect it too.

      I’m unfamiliar with conference calling systems and softwares. Sorry. If you, Andy, are taxing your computer or bandwidth. You can try a less resource hog browser? If youre able to change audio properties, you can lower the bitrate. Id start at 128k.

      On Norml.
      Can the offender advocacy groups learn from the norml group? Norml has been advocacy for marijuana reform for years and years. Maybe there’s something to gain by taking a quick glance at them?

      What do lawyers think of shows like law and order or better call sal. I cringe at the LnO show. I believe shows like that give a false perception of how things are done in the real world.

      Episode ideas.
      Tv shows about law. To catch a predator, vigilantism. What about other shows/movies that have a moral of getting along at the end? I want to believe everyone had a favorite Disney movie growing up.

      Other countries registries. And following americas lead. If the registry isn’t working for us, why would they implement it. Other countries are much older than we are. And have been dealing with sex related topics longer than we have.

      Are felonies not what they use to be? I’m not actually sure what the word itself means. But it’s been apart of our system since the Cowboy days. Employers use the word to screen people. Isn’t the felon population percentage large. Do employers from other countries screen for felons in their populations.

      Child sex dolls. These have been in the news a few times. I think the situations odd. On one hand you have the registry laws and all its weight. And the other hand a business/manufacturer sees a profitable opportunity. How large do they think the target audience is for these “statues”.

      Write letters to legislators. And push for an “anti constitution registry”, or “political offender registry” with just the intent to stir up ideas in their head that they might get on a list. And their life could be difficult.

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