Episode 18 – There Go The People

Episode 18

1) How is it that in some states the registry is considered “punishment” (Michigan?) and in other states it is simply a “public service”?  I’m thinking of the ex post facto registry requirements for SO’s who have completed their sentences.

2)  The 80+ towns throughout Minnesota that have enacted their own extra-judicial city requirements, beyond that of the residency limitations in place already through the state.  Could you talk about that?

Let’s talk about members of congress, both state and federal level
There are many governorships up in 2018. Why does it even matter who gets elected to be Governor when it’s the legislative branch that makes the laws?

How often is a member of the US house up for reelection? Senate?
Is it fair to say that at least the house, they’re always preparing for fundraising and reelection?
Do you think a candidate believes in the position of their constituents, or are they just there because of what the people believe?
How do you find out what a candidate believes, or how they have voted: Candidates website, FB ?
Is it hard to meet with  US Congress critter?
Is it hard to meet with a state level member?
How would you begin establishing a relationship with one?
Can you expect to have lunch with them? Go golf with them? How close to this person can you realistically get?
How do you learn about the committees that they are on?
How do you know if a committee is responsible for a bill you’re interested in? You’ve mentioned about email campaigns where your senator wasn’t in the committee.
In regards to being in a member of congress’ district. Do they care about you? More or less if you’re in their district?
Are “change.org petitions” effective? Emails? Phone calls? Visits to the office?

There go the people. I must follow them, for I am their leader.
Alexandre Ledru-Rollin


2 thoughts on “Episode 18 – There Go The People

  1. Any Gay men here that are members or citizens? Nationwide LARRY & Andy, I am, now how many should NOT be on there from decades or stings ago??
    That’s what I’m talking about….how many were closeted during their offense or conv. or minor offense.?

    • I don’t quite follow your questions. Can you clarify please.
      Maybe even call in 747-227-4477 and ask and we’ll try to get to it on the show

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