Episode 19 – Just End The Federal Registry Already

Episode 19

Colbert county Alabama sheriff messed up. There was a 2 week laps in sending out notifications to the locals of convicted sex offenders moving into the area.

Colom campaigned on locking up fewer people
He released a person for a parole violation, in which his predecessor locked him up for 5 years for a drug related violation
Why are the areas with the highest poverty levels the same ones with the highest rates of incarceration?

Two brave registrants who were going to be kicked out of their Ft. Lauderdale homes stood up and said NO!
Only supplies to those sentenced before 2007

Short discussion about the Illinois Supreme Court decision regarding parks
May vs Ryan

Jacob commented:
I’ve been listening to you guys babble for three months now. Everybody knows that sex offender registration is punishment, yet you two seem to dance around the issue. Is this just some scam to see how much money you can collect while pretending to be concerned about our plight? If you were serious, you people would just try to end the federal registry rather than wasting so much time challenging state by state? I believe it’s all about the money.

Just End The Federal Registry Already!
Wouldn’t a ruling from the U.S. Supreme Court be the way to go if you really want to end the registry?
Why does it take so long to get a case to the Supreme Court? Why don’t you just file the damn thing there to start with?
Why are there state registries? Federal encouragement of state level registries
Do Federal courts have control over the state courts?
If Congress repealed the Adam Walsh Act (AWA, do state level registries disappear?)
Could there be a federal encouragement to dismantle state level registries?
Is this related to the 10th amendment of states rights?
What would prompt federal laws? Why aren’t there federal laws already? Traveling across states is in violation of federal laws
Is a state level registry then comparable to state drug laws?

22 thoughts on “Episode 19 – Just End The Federal Registry Already

    • You’re right about that, unfortunately no one seems to have written into law anything about “disproportionate” sentencing-for instance, life-time criminal supervised release after your prison time is completed. You can file a 2255 to get off it-but lotsa luck when it’s turned down. You are going to trip and fall over the PLRA and the AEDPA, two pieces of congressional legislation that gives the government the practical right to deny you any sort of justice at all, because in effect they also say unless you seek it within a year’s time, you’ll also forfeit any right to apply for it. You’ll have NO access to the courts unless you have REALLY HARD evidence of ACTUAL INNOCENCE.

  1. As long as “getting tough on crime” is part of getting elected, there is little hope of any help from any legislature, state or federal. The only realistic hope is from the courts.

    • agree with Byron. Nothing is going to change. Legislature wants to keep their jobs and enjoy- they have mastered the art of talking and we have many followers who woul go for anything they say.
      We alrady know don’t we?

      • I think the argument can be made pretty easily that all is not lost. However, if we don’t work, let alone work together, yeah its lost. But I don’t believe it. I think we can win

  2. The people who claim to help us often are the reverse. We need to join together in the streets people and show everyone the truth. – SONS

  3. Andy I listened to the podcast and its like everybody has posted its like going in circles with congress, legislature, or any of those in government. In a lot of this we all need to assemble ourselves together and voice out. You have people who touched someone and people who didn’t. Its like a revolving merry go round. Truth and fiction don’t mixed together. Didn’t someone say truth is stranger than fiction. I believe its time to call them out and tell it like it is in a bit in these matters in jurisprudence. I wonder who’s under or over the law today. ..

    • Hey saddles, I don’t think you’ll have any disagreement on your point. But really which side is better for this : conservative or liberal, Democrat or republican? I think I have the answer. But I’ve been told with great emphasis that our people are by far and large shooting ourselves in the foot.

  4. why not file John Doe lawsuits everywhere since anyone filing suit has nothing to lose mentality I would think and/or those with something to lose have no interest in being the sacrificial lamb who gets harassed for being a plaintiff?

    • I don’t think that really helps. Everyone in the back end of the process still knows who it is. I’ll ask Larry when we record tonight. Good question though!

  5. I don’t see them ever abolishing the registry. They found a goldmine and they’re not giving it up. I just keep hoping and praying that they’ll one day realize just how cruel it is to punish these citizens so severely.

  6. I ran across a scripture that would answer what the problem is here . It’s Proverbs 28:5 “Evil men cannot understand justice “ . There are too many that fit that category to solve a seeming easy problem to fix.

  7. Andy that is a deep question. They say when in Rome do as the Roman’s do. While I would have to say conservative we are free will creatures but even we have boundries. Is law abusing their power in certain area’s in a lot of these endeavors. Now thats a trump question for ya.

    • I believe it is very common as people gain more power, it is intoxicating – and they then go after more power. That isn’t a politics issue there. That’s a human condition.

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