Episode 24 – Distorted and Misleading Numbers

Larry and Andy talk about:
The extremely complex residency restrictions that law enforcement have to deal with.
Inmates in Florida being put in solitary confinement for not working.
Hotels on fire, can you fire someone for being on the registry.
How to make sure you don’t rent a hotel room next to a registrant.
People up in arms about a group home in their neighborhood.
Expungement of misdemeanor offenses, eyewitness testimony is unreliable.
And last but not least – Ron Book is so angry!

“You can’t always choose the path you walk in life, but you can always choose the manner in which you walk it.” ~ John O’Leary


“You can’t always choose the path you walk in life, but you can always choose the manner in which you walk it.” ~ John O’Leary

Recorded 2018/05/12

11 thoughts on “Episode 24 – Distorted and Misleading Numbers

  1. I’m interested to know about Utah sex offender registration laws because I think that they very draconian laws. I want to know what you think. I’m an offender in utah and there are residency restrictions everywhere in Utah not to mention you can’t go into public parks and some state parks.

    • Hi there,
      The registrant laws are pretty draconian in nearly all states. I can’t say I’ve personally heard Utah being better or worse than any other state. What specifically troubles you? Most states have residency and/or work restrictions. Some places make you post a sign in your yard on halloween. Some states have you carry a different type of drives license.

      • In Mississippi, you can’t live within 3,000 feet of schools/day cares. I don’t think there’s a restriction on where you can work (other than child-oriented sex offenders not being able to teach or work any job for any establishment that by design caters directly to children).
        Mississippi does NOT have lifetime supervision like my home state, so once you do your time, you’re free other than having to register.
        I don’t know if Mississippi prohibits offenders from visiting parks. Any registrants from Mississippi who can clarify their laws?

  2. The big problem with legislating sex offender law is that legislators wind up criminalizing political dissent. That has now reached the point where the first and fourth amendments have no meaning at all. The bill of rights is being shaved and chipped away to where not having it there anymore for the protection of John Q.Citizen will lead to incarceration of nearly everyone in the country who expresses disagreement with any powers-that-be; more and more this country is becoming like China and North Korea.

    • I can’t say I agree with you to the degree you describe, but I do agree with you that our civil liberties are being squashed – or as you say – “chipped away”.
      A consistent theme of the podcast surrounds this basic idea:
      If we can vote, vote
      If we don’t like how the system is configured, change who we vote for
      Visit your local politicians

      With the number of people we have on the registry, plus the people in our immediate circle, we have probably a couple million people in our ranks. Yet we number in the hundreds or thousands that do anything at all.
      I guess to quote JFK: “Ask not what your country can do for you, but what can you do for your country”
      That is to say, what are you doing for us, not what are we doing for you?

      • I’d love to vote. I really, really would, but in my state registrants can’t get their voting rights restored for any type of rape or sex crimes involving a minor.

        Anyone who supports having rational, humane, fact-based sex offender laws and opposes the draconian, discriminatory regime currently in place is accused of approving of child molestation. That kind of tactic shows that those who support such laws have NO BASIS OTHER THAN THEIR OWN SELF-RIGHTEOUS HATRED AND PATHOLOGICAL DESIRE FOR REVENGE. When they can’t defend their position with facts, they resort to bullying and name calling. They hurl baseless accusations because they can’t defend their stance any other way.

  3. Can anyone answer the following questions about sex offender laws/rules in Mississippi?

    (1) If an offender lives in a state that subjects him or her to lifetime supervision after serving out their prison sentence, does that lifetime supervision follow them to Mississippi?

    (2) Are sex offenders who committed their offenses against a minor summarily forbidden from going to any local municipal or state park? Would they have to obtain special permission in advance? Can those offenders ever go bowling or go to the movies?

    (3) Which residency restriction would apply to an offender who plead guilty and was sentenced in 2002 for a crime against a child under 12 years of age in Tennessee and wanted to move to Mississippi in 2018 or later?

    (4) Are there any restrictions with regards to Internet use? Are sex offenders with crimes involving a minor allowed to use social media? Do they have to get special permission for Internet access??

  4. Why didn’t that A.C.L.U. attorney not throw it in Ron Book’s face that his daughter was abused at the hands of THE FAMILY’S HIRED NANNY???? Lauren Book’s own abuse is a textbook case that PROVES BEYOND A DOUBT that it is NOT GEOGRAPHIC PROXIMITY which contributes to the sexual abuse of children; it’s SOCIAL PROXIMITY that allows for child sexual abuse. The nanny was in the Book family’s inner circle of trust.
    Lauren Book would have been molested by that woman whether they lived 1/2 an inch from a school or 10,000 miles from a school! He can’t get around that!!

    Why wasn’t the location and context of Lauren’s sexual abuse thrown in his face every time he tried to lie?

    • That point was made by the interviewer in the CBS Miami interview. We were going to cover it last night, but we ran out of time

  5. It just hit me. Ron Book is so self-contradicting!!

    On the one hand:

    The next breath:

    My question to Mr. Book is, “Why do you demand treatment for them when you yourself so vociferously deny that treatment even works to begin with??? Which is it Ron? Do we force them into treatment because it works or do we force them into something you have no confidence works in the first place?

    He is just one more despicable individual with obvious bias and an ax to grind.

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