Episode 30 – Who Really Uses 5000 Foot Banishments

Larry and Andy talk about:

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Voicemail from William

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Quick discussion about social security benefits as it relates to being incarcerated







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4 thoughts on “Episode 30 – Who Really Uses 5000 Foot Banishments

  1. Banishment via database. Congress & SCOTUS approved. Signed by W.J.C.
    The very man who defended the USE made TOP DOG! Byrne Grant used to advance the cause of surveillance saints.
    The people know not what they do. Because of the threat of the databases; citizens are forced to purchase IDENTITY PROTECTION.

    The very first thing big brother did with his new toy database was to begin indenturing people to its maintenance.
    Machine need outweighs human NEED in this equation thus offenders often fail by default as they are not machines. A database by its very nature cannot be absent data.

    My tin foil hat informs me certain (G)iant search engine purchased two very big ships that may park in any international waters it chooses and thereby operates in best legal conditions.

    • So? You speak of ‘the database’. And I’ll grant that given a subpoena that Google has to give up data. But the reason for the barge is to put it in international waters where’s immune from these things. Isn’t that better? I volunteer to give my data to Google. In return Google gives me services. You can disconnect from it and live like it’s the 1980 (doesn’t really seem that long ago).
      This isn’t anything government related. This is a private entity running their business.

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