Probable Cause Hearing Before Retaking

Episode 8



You’ve transferred your supervision to a new state. And in the new state you commit a supervision violation. An example might be a curfew violation. Another example might be something like being around a minor beyond accidental


Reflections from 2017:

Packingham North Carolina Supreme Court and ban on social media

Michigan 6th circuit Doe vs Snyder

Pennsylvania Muniz ex post facto case


Things to watch in 2018:

Arizona – 9th Circuit – burden shifting – affirmative defense – easier to get convictions

International Megan’s Law

Continuous exam of 6th circuit

Illinois park restrictions case


Civil Commitment

Breaking any law – what constitutes a law, misdemeanors, traffic violations

Extradition is a fugitive from justice???

What is the standard that needs to be met to be sent home: Probable Cause

Reasonable Suspicion, Probable Cause, Preponderance Of Evidence, Clear And Convincing, Reasonable Doubt

Probable cause simply means that you ‘probably did it’.


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