RM109: Is There A Double Standard In Allegations

RM109: Is There A Double Standard In Allegations

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Happy New Year from FYP Studios! This episode tackles the concept of reputation effect of Pennsylvania brought up by a listener. We are waiting for a supreme court decision out of Pennsylvania before we do a full on deep dive. Then we move over to a he-said-she-said and what appears to be an inconsistent standard. I’ll let you be the judge if it’s consistent or not. We also talk about Arkansas seriously limiting where registrants can live. Law enforcement claims it’s hard to track them if they’re homeless. Over in Wisconsin, giving officials your internet identifiers (email, etc) is NOT a violation of your first amendment. Because you have 10 days to do it. Giving you the ability to remain anonymous for that time. Tennessee is poised to become another state that mandates chemical castration for certain offenders. And finally closing out the show with a question regarding the conflict from two circuits on how much Internet freedom one has while on supervision.

[ ] Listener question from Stephen about reputation stuff in PA

[17:30] https://www.krqe.com/news/albuquerque-metro/man-accusing-governor-of-sexual-abuse-speaks-out/

[29:30] https://www.arkansasonline.com/news/2019/dec/29/sex-offender-housing-laws-raise-hitch-2/

[40:56] http://www.wisconsinappeals.net/on-point-by-the-wisconsin-state-public-defender/coa-requiring-internet-identifiers-of-sex-offender-registrants-doesnt-violate-first-amendment/

[53:48] https://fox17.com/news/local/tennessee-legislation-would-require-certain-sex-offenders-to-undergo-chemical-castration

[59:30] An email from rick:
Have you heard about the very recent 10th Circuit decision US v Michael Blair? It seems to greatly contradict the 8th Circuit decision in US v Kevin Carson regarding internet use and other blanket probation restrictions. I would love to hear about it on a Registry Matters podcast. Thanks for all you do!

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