Read RM117: Another Renegade Sheriff Invents His Own Laws

This weeks episode introduces us to the confrontation with the Cobb County, GA. The sheriff there is in essence harassing those on the registry by visiting them far more times than the required amount. As it turns out is only annually for lower offenses and then twice annually for the highest level. Along with that, they are making these residency checks at very odd hours; far outside of the hours that would be acceptable.



Cobb County registrant shenanigans














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3 comments on “RM117: Another Renegade Sheriff Invents His Own Laws

  1. Will Allen says:

    Hello. Thank you for your work. I wish I could listen to more of it but there is only so much time! That is the biggest problem with fighting the Registries.

    I listened to about 1 hour of this podcast. I’d like to thank you, NARSOL, and everyone else fighting, especially when no one has to do it.

    I know other sheriffs in Georgia are doing exactly what Cobb County is. They are operating outside of the law. For example, the law is clear about what information people are forced to give to them (at the point of a gun, of course). But these sheriffs are too incompetent and arrogant to just simply follow that. All of them request more and suggest it is required. That is not just messing around, that is operating outside of the law.

    The person on the podcast named Larry sounds great and obviously well informed. I would like to suggest to him and others though that he does not call Registrants “offenders”. I think you, NARSOL, and everyone else should call a Registrant a “Person Forced to Register (PFR)”. Much more accurate.

    Also, PFRs need to get over trying to hide. The podcast suggested that if PFRs did not allow law enforcement to come onto their properties and then sign their papers, that they might visit their neighbors. People need to get over that and encourage it. Personally, I’d be completely happy if LE never came near me and they can harass my neighbors about me as much as they like. I’ve got no concern or issues with simply ignoring anyone that is a problem. The Registries long ago changed me into a person who couldn’t care less what other people think.

    Personally, I’d encourage PFRs to never allow LE to get near them. Put fencing or walls around your property and keep them out. They are a danger.

  2. Robert Scott says:

    The sheriff were I live comes to my house once a year to my home but he comes like really early in the morning what is a reasonable time to come to my house.

  3. Will Allen says:

    It is your home so I would say that you should define “reasonable time”. Personally, I think that ALL People Forced to Register (PFR) should stop allowing law enforcement to visit them at all. Not at any home, any place of employment, anywhere.

    The Registries are their mess. It is enough of a illegal hassle to be forced to visit their offices all the time to report completely insignificant and useless pieces of information to them. The Registries, and especially the nonsense that they have enabled (e.g. travel restrictions and harassment), are illegal. Those “laws” should be followed only to avoid consequences. That is the ONLY reason to be concerned about them. The “laws” are a weapon in war.

    I think all PFRs ought to have their properties fully enclosed with fencing or walls, if possible. Then, if you do want to allow LE to visit, you can set reasonable hours.

    If you can’t wall off your property, then perhaps you can just block off access to your door? If can’t do that, maybe you could use motion sensors and automatic verbal warnings to not approach the door? Worse case, perhaps just a sign on the door when you don’t want to be disturbed (much like hotels have!)? Maybe sign just says, “Do not approach the door. Do not knock on the door.” May be okay, depending on what it is like where you live. Then if someone does knock on your door when the sign is up, ignore them. If I was going to use a sign I’d have to automate it! It could turn on at like 9 PM and off at 9 AM or whatever.

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