RM119: Potentially A Rapidly Spreading Epidemic In Prisons

RM119: Potentially A Rapidly Spreading Epidemic In Prisons

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This weeks episode goes in depth into COVID-19 and the United States prison system. United States citizens are inside prisons that if the virus works it way behind the walls, it could run rampant and be a significant challenge to get under control. There are not enough medical facilities to handle the patients now, let alone having some kind of outbreak of a highly infectious virus.

We do begin however, with a potpourri of articles from around the interwebs.

[6:40] Here and here you can find the articles regarding the supreme court takes up a case regarding teens receiving sentences without parole, and another bill to end charging minors as adult offenders. Most people can agree that a person, up until a certain age, isn’t as capable as an older person at making decisions. Here we have a person who was 15 at the time of the crime and receives life without parole from the Alabama judicial system. Those of you who follow conservative principals that you don’t want the black ropes making decisions left to the states will say that they should rule that it is constitutional. On the other side of the scale are those people who believe that we have an evolving standard could think that we shouldn’t imprison a teenager for life without parole.

[19:00] Then to an article on narsol.org in regards to the recent decision fought by the ACLU in Michigan that the state police are turning away those who are pre-2011 updates to the law there. Do your best to get documentation that you visited. Log it. Get names and numbers. If and when they reinstate a form of the law, you may need to prove you were compliant. Maybe not. But good to be safe.

[26:00] We came across a YouTube video with an expat in Germany. It’s fascinating to hear the stories of people going over to another country and not being shunned or turned away. Where they say that the laws in the United States are draconian.

[31:38 ] An article in the New York Law Journal is yet another nail in the coffin to the argument that sex offenders cannot use the Internet. Law enforcement struggles with the idea of narrowly tailoring things to the individual; That making an all inclusive ban to people in “this group” called sex offenders is unconstitutional.

[42:00] We have 3 articles here, here and here that are discussing the politics of those in prison. Many talk show radio hosts claim that letting formerly incarcerated individuals vote would sway everything to the left. These articles provide evidence to refute those claims.

[55:00] One of the most barbaric situations that occurs in prison has to do with pregnant females. The article discussed here is talking about a woman who was arrested while pregnant. While in custody, she began having complications with her pregnancy. For 3 days, officers ignored her pleas for help while she was bleeding. This is an unconscionable way to treat people!

[59:19 Oh wait, if that wasn’t enough for you – what about strip searching very young children. This is from Virginia. They have to introduce a bill to keep prison guards from strip searching very young children. Shouldn’t people be able to use some common sense and know to not strip search an 8 year-old girl.

[1:03:25] In our main segment here, and here, and here, and finally here. We dig deeper than we did last week in regards to this virus pandemic in the prisons. We’ve got facilities that are largely not designed for good hygiene. They are designed to keep them from being flooded, and to keep people from using excessive amounts of water. The water controls are typically running for a couple of minutes at reduced pressure. Oftentimes buttons have to be held to keep the continuous flow of water, that is it’s not usually a good forceful amount of water. You’ve got a little trickle of water coming out particularly older facilities and you’ve got you’ve got a lack of soap and sanitation for the inmates to use. If it’s your desire to maintain good hygiene, you’ve got a little trickle of water that are too hot or too cold. And it won’t run for very long. And you can’t really do the sustained hand washing that you need to do. And then you’ve got these people they’re infected, that are unbeknownst to you. It’s a terrible place to be confined during this type of situation.

[1:33:54] In this article, you can get wrongfully sentenced and sent to prison. Then be released because DNA evidence frees you, but you are not entitled to any compensation.

[1:36:18] And finally, Georgia HB720 that will put in the statute that the sheriffs can place signs in the yards of registrants. Exactly what we just won in court in October.


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