Read Transcript of RM120: Nebraska Sheriff Still Requires In Person Check-Ins

We’re proud to release RM120! We start off with the horrifying news about cities getting locked down, the spread of COVID-19 and what this will do to the economy overall. It is going to be something economists and other academics study for the next few generations. The main topic of the show revolves around how this will affect you, me, and everyone that is on the registry. Most notably in Nebraska, in what would seem to be an act of total recklessness, a sheriff in Nebraska is still requiring those on the sex offender registry to come and do in-person updates to their information. Which is totally bananas.







[34:40 ]


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1 comment on “RM120: Nebraska Sheriff Still Requires In Person Check-Ins

  1. Steve says:

    Nebraska at the time of the sheriffs post was not even closing its public schools, why on earth would they not requires RSO’s to register in person?

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