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Our show this week is ever so slightly off the normal path of registry issues; but not so far as it doesn’t apply. We discuss a lot of about COVID-19 and the economy. These subjects don’t impact us directly, necessarily. But indirectly they are impacting the world, the country, your state and ultimately it is impact People Forced to Register.

[17:09] GA arresting people for failure to register in spite of stay at home order. “I’m starting a list of everyone arrested in Georgia for Failure to Register during the pandemic.  It’s especially important to capture those arrested during the Governor’s stay at home order. I think we should write a letter to the DA and Judge for each of these demanding their immediate release.”



After the COVID-19 Release of Prisoners, Who Will Help Them?

A Public Health Doctor And Head Of Corrections Agree: We Must Immediately Release People From Jails And Prisons

Our Leaders Have the Power to Release People in Prison. Now They Must Use It.

Texas Inmates Sue for Access to Hand Sanitizer as Coronavirus Threatens Prisons

Can COVID-19 Force Us to Take Criminal Justice Reform Seriously?

[42:15] Scalia



Will Privacy Be Another Casualty of the Pandemic?





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2 comments on “RM122: Please Show Your Felon ID Card

  1. ewvarsa says:

    “Cancer is not contagious”. Nope. Check out human papillomavirus with types of head neck cancers, cervical cancers. Mononucleosis with certain types of lymphomas as two examples of a cancer/contagion interaction.

    1. andy says:

      The intent of my comment is that you visit your grandparent that has a brain tumor and catch it.
      To use HPV as a way of transmitting cancer, is somewhat similar to HIV causing lymphoma in AIDS patients.
      You don’t “catch” cancer from someone. You may catch a thing that opens the doors to cancer, maybe like smoking perhaps.

      Thanks for the comment!

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