RM137: Pennsylvania Supreme Court Denies SORNA Challenge to Whitmayer & Lacombe

RM137: Pennsylvania Supreme Court Denies SORNA Challenge to Whitmayer & Lacombe

Read Transcript of RM137: Pennsylvania Supreme Court Denies SORNA Challenge to Whitmayer & Lacombe

On Episode 137 of Registry Matters, we covered a SORNA challenge out of Pennsylvania. These are people who were sentenced more than 20 years ago, and were scooped up into the enhanced registration schemes. The schemes that they signed up for when their convictions happened have changed. The Pennsylvania Supreme Court denied their SORNA challenge.

We also covered some news items related to folks on the registry and then also covered some listener questions.

Our biggest fan in Florida sent in this image of the FYP compliance tank. This is too funny. Thanks Mike!

FYP compliance tank

[14:13] https://www.thecity.nyc/2020/7/20/21331595/rikers-island-sex-offender-registry-homeless

[17:35] https://mynewsla.com/crime/2020/07/17/sex-offenders-lose-bid-to-serve-on-juries-judge-rules-all-ex-felons-dont-have-to-be-treated-the-same/

[21:20] https://arstechnica.com/tech-policy/2020/07/ajit-pai-urges-states-to-cap-prison-phone-rates-after-he-helped-kill-fcc-caps/

[26:12] https://www.christianitytoday.com/news/2020/july/sex-offender-welcome-church-abuse-safety-ministry.html

[29:32] Question about some of the nuances of transferring supervision to a new state

[53:47] Whitmayer & Lacombe PA Supreme Court



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One thought on “RM137: Pennsylvania Supreme Court Denies SORNA Challenge to Whitmayer & Lacombe

  1. With regard to interstate transfers, I listened closely to your discussion and it seemed to pertain entirely to folks who are currently under supervision. My question has to do with registration requirements in the receiving state once you have fulfilled your sentence and have been released from the registry in your home state. Does the receiving state then have the opportunity to impose their registration requirements on you if they would require registration for a similar offense, even though you are no longer under supervision or subject to registration in your home state? In my case, I live in Pennsylvania where my probation ended in 2016, and I was subsequently released from registration in 2018 as a result of the Munoz decision (to be specific, my offense did not require registration under Pennsylvania’s Megans Law in effect at the time of the offense in 2010, but under the 2012 adoption of Adam Walsh I was required to register for 15 years – as you know this was found to be unconstitutional by the PA Supreme Court and my registration was terminated). I would like to move to Colorado where my understanding is that they have a lifetime registration requirement for a similar offense. I have been unable to find an attorney who has ever dealt with a case like this and it seems as though nobody really knows if I would be required to register in Colorado, but if that is the case, I am unlikely to move. I greatly appreciate your input or referral to someone who may have the answer to this question. Thanks!

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