RM138: SORNA Explained

RM138: SORNA Explained

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On this week’s episode, we go in depth into SORNA. We tried to cover all of the relevant angles that we could find about SORNA. We had a few listener questions about transferring to a new state, and our position on the registry. Hot take: We’re against it. And then bounce around misc news items that seemed interesting.

Listener questions:
[04:57] If a person is trying to do an Interstate Compact transfer, and their supervising officer won’t initiate the transfer, is there a remedy to force them?

[10:12] How we can claim to be against the registry when we seem to be okay with the decision of the PA Supreme Court issued regarding subchapter I?

[15:23] Transferring to a new state, not under supervision

[30:43] https://gazette.com/colorado-watch/colorado-board-that-writes-rules-for-management-of-sex-offenders-rife-with-conflicts-state-audit/article_3a4a67be-d11a-11ea-9783-a710d571c03c.html

[42:06] https://www.courthousenews.com/dismissal-of-michael-flynn-case-will-go-before-full-dc-circuit/

[48:07] https://theappeal.org/mississippi-teen-who-has-languished-in-jail-for-17-months-without-an-indictment-is-just-one-of-thousands/

[51:26] https://theintercept.com/2020/07/31/protests-surveillance-stingrays-dirtboxes-phone-tracking/

[52:43] https://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2020/jul/30/michigans-top-court-kills-lawsuit-by-wrongly-impri/

[1:01:24] What is SORNA?

Hart v. Michigan_Supreme Court 2020
Colorado SORNA 2020



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One thought on “RM138: SORNA Explained

  1. Just discovered yall. Great job! Pretty much had this exact question about SORNA and i think you answered it about my registration requirement expiring under SORNA after 10 years even my tier 1 offense says 15. I read (i am in Texas) an attorneys page that said i would have to petition the court and undergo and evaluation that would determine if i could get off after the 10 years and am wondering if that was a scam as you said and where i could find that information that says i will just be off after the 10 years if i don’t get into anymore trouble. Also, is there a list of States that say if i would or would not be required to register after that 10 years? I am wanting to maybe move to some better weather. Thank you for all that you do

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