RM157: 9th Circuit Reinstates Idaho SORA Challenge

In this episode, Larry does an analysis of the 9th Circuit decision that comes to us via Idaho. 134 Doe’s signed on to be part of the law suit. Any victory, however small, is a victory.  Maybe this one isn’t as big of a victory as people think. Find out with our analysis.

[1:38] Q1 – Moving to a Pacific Northwest State on Federal Supervised Release

[8:51] Q2 – Conduit for people mailing each other in prison

[14:27] Q3 – The legal definition of latches

[26:37] Q4 – https://www.reddit.com/r/SexOffenderSupport/comments/k8ht61/im_thinking_about_using_the_registry_to_send/

[33:41] Does v Wasden – 9th Circuit Decision Analysis


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