RM171: Being Shot IS Being Seized

RM171: Being Shot IS Being Seized

Tonight, on Registry Matters 171: We’re going to hear a voice mail and try to address that. We’re going to have some questions that were submitted in writing. We have a letter to read. Finally, we’re going to talk about two cases: one from the US Supreme Court and one from the Minnesota Supreme Court.

[2:32] Voicemail addressing a law in Kentucky regarding where PFRs may live

[6:35] Letter from a woman in Texas prison who is incarcerated longer for a failure to register than her original offense

[10:12] Reply to Larry’s analysis of a situation that occurred in Alabama. It was nearly spot on

[11:17] Wrongfully convicted with no evidence. (Truth is, there is. It’s not physical. It’s testimony. But it’s still evidence)

[19:23] Help me parole from Illinois to Kansas

[29:40] Minnesota versus Khalil
State of MN v Khalil

[50:39] Torres versus Madrid
Torres v Madrid Supreme Court


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RM171: Being Shot IS Being Seized

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