RM170: “No Trick-or-Treating” Appellate Brief Filed

Remember the sheriff in Butts County, Georgia, Gary Long, that said “I’ll take this all the way to the Supreme Court of the United States if I have to”? Here we go with the next steps of the case. This is at the US Court of Appeals at the 6th Circuit. The case involves the First Amendment regarding compelled speech.

[5:53] Prosecutors asking for the names of all those removed from the registry in Hamilton County, Ohio

[15:29] Layman’s advice after convicted of sexual exploitation in New Mexico

[21:28] Fundraising using the registry to get contacts

[25:25] What does FYP and PFR mean?

[28:40] Registry removal after moving to a new state

[39:56] Appellate brief filed in Georgia against Butts County


Transcript of RM170: “No Trick-or-Treating” Appellate Brief Filed


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