RM169: No Legislating From the Bench in Wyoming – Textualism Explained

On this episode, we have one question from the free world and one from the inside. We have two letters. One was filled with “you people”‘s. It’s just for entertainment and doesn’t really have anything to do with our issue. We have we’re going to talk about a case out of the Wyoming Supreme Court that deals with PFRs. And we’re going to talk about Governor Cuomo. We’re going to talk about the fabulous work that that NARSOL just did with the filing of an amicus brief in the Supreme Court. We will never get to all this stuff.

[4:53] You People

[6:16] Do you people live in caves?

[13:41] Letter to a Colorado senator

[20:18] On pre trial status in the Western District of Texas

[24:57] Detailed question about language in a bill

[34:47] NARSOL Amicus brief

[42:50] Continued conversation about Cuomo

[50:08] Jeffrey Harrison versus the state of Wyoming

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