RM184: Colorado Affirms Internet Ban

What a fantastic show we have tonight! We a listener comment. We have at least three or maybe four questions. We have West Virginia Supreme Court ruling analyzed by a West Virginian Stephen. Finally, we have a Colorado Court of Appeals decision related to PFRs and prohibition and limitations on internet access. It should be exciting!

[1:48] Comment from long time patron, Will, about cherry picking expert witnesses in court

[7:19] Followup from Brent

[11:57] Voicemail from a very long time patron, Jeff, asking to have due process explained

[16:20] Inside prison comment suggesting people inside the walls split up the cost of the transcript
A question about the prosecution process

[24:37] Question about supervised release for failed polygraphs and transferring to another state

[31:12] Does transferring to another state lessen your punishment?

[34:50] Giving up your Internet identifiers has a chilling affect on your 1st Amendment Rights

[41:12] Analysis of PHALEN, v. ROBERTS from West Virginia by the WV NARSOL affiliate contact Stephen

[59:53] Colorado Court of Appeals People vs Landis


Transcript of RM184: Colorado Affirms Internet Ban

Transcript of RM184: Colorado Affirms Internet Ban


RM184: Colorado Affirms Internet Ban

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