RM211: Stinging Defeat in Butts County

RM211: Stinging Defeat in Butts County

Tonight, we cover the fantastic victory for our team that came out of the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals just a few days ago. In this case, Sheriff Gary Long of Butts County, Georgia, made up rules that he could post signs on the property of private citizens. The 11th Circuit Court said “nope”. We also had a few questions from inside the walls.

[1:42] David’s questions about having reverse stings

[4:08] Would you have to register after living abroad?

[10:43] Question from Will about the information displayed to the public in Tennessee

[14:17] Specific rules when transferring to New Mexico

[21:07] Butts County, Georgia defeat in the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals


Transcript of RM211: Stinging Defeat in Butts County


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One thought on “RM211: Stinging Defeat in Butts County

  1. WI v Norma Grace Constantineau ( NO POSTING BY COPS W\OUT PROCESS – mentioned in Smith V Doe03) Yes they most certainly will issue arrest warrants for FailureToRgister. It will take a while to arrest you though. I’ve been arrested seven times for failure to register, but only actually convicted one time of that charge. I tend to chuck my registration form in file 13 and forget about it. I find what happens after arrest to be cathartic and always demand trial. As far as I’m concerned they have to prove it to a jury. Good thing for me there is no formal record required registration & state has no standardized waiver of right in the criminal file in 1992CR74. (The CR stands for child rape.) A rape i didnt do and said so then. These facts become clear in the provided preliminary hearing. State always uses the judgment paper, and has the courts Commissioner recognize it but leave out the lack of paperwork stating the life term. So WI Agent is as Larry says here ~35.05 “..acting on an imaginary problem… My 1st question to agent in preliminary hearing” WHAT CRIMINAL BEHAVIOR OF THIS DEFENDANT DID YOU YOURSELF ACTUALLY WITNESS.” Agent can only answer in the negative ” nothing” outside the conviction
    He\she can never say they personally witnessed the qualifying trial. That fact drags the original case into the question. Do we convict people of prison escape with paper proof they were supposed to be locked up? That is the moral question tor the jury when faced with an Agent with no factual proof of registration obligations nor waiver of right. Which all in all represents WHY the Supreme Court took the unusual tact in Connecticut DPS to mention the substantive due process claim in a case put forth entirely on “procedural claims.” They DPS Court were putting emphasis on the standard waiver.

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