RM212: Accused and Held Without Bond Explained

RM212: Accused and Held Without Bond Explained

On RM212, we are going to have a special guest attorney, Ashley, Reymore-Cloud. With her, we’re going to be talking about pretrial detention as exist around the country, in New Mexico and in the federal system. We have some listener questions. And we’re going to cover a social media settlement that happened in New York. (Andy: We could call that a victory, couldn’t we?) We very well could call that a victory. It’s an amazing victory. So we’re going to be talking about that in the latter part of the program.

[1:39] Comment from RM 211

[8:03] Has anybody introduced legislation to roll back the Adam Walsh Act?

[12:32] Interview with Ashley Reymore-Cloud regarding pretrial detention

[44:02] Don’t Talk To The Police (continued) with Regent Law Professor James Duane

[47:22] Stipulation of a Settlement Agreement in New York


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